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  1. Hmmm i should try this, though i agree with the other guys it is really embarrassing buying something like this. And its even worse when you are covered in redmarks and buying it cause the clerk will know exactly what you are using it for and you can't make up an excuse in your mind that maybe she thinks its for someone else you know. Do they sell this at grocery stores? Its always easier for me to buy my products when i go shopping for food i just throw the clearasil in there with chicken, b
  2. I bought the Neosporin Scar sheets today and i just put a sheet on my nose, lets hope this helps [-o<
  3. Well after useing search and seeing that other people have similar bumps on their noses, its obvious nobody has the slightest clue what they are. I say they are scars from acne on the nose, just be thankful if your nose doesn't breakout, cause they are even worse than cheek scars. Doesn't look like any dermatologist has any answer for them either. I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep and accept i'll never look good ({|= . Here are pics of people on this board who have similar bumps to mine
  4. I know that having bad acne has made me a better person, well not look wise mind you. I believe in Karma. And as a youth I was mean to a lot of my friends and family, even earning the nickname "Grinch". I would often kick friends out of my house for stupid things or insult family members, I basically treated people like objects I could get rid of whenever i wanted. After having acne for so long and slowly losing my friends and contact with my family because of it, I have learned to cherish t
  5. Anyone try mederma on these nose bumps? :^o Cause i believe mine are scars.
  6. Found the maderma info on search. New question. My aunt gave me this lotion called VitAPlus Clearing Complex from md Formulations. Has anyone here heard of it or tried it?
  7. Can i use this with Retina A which i have been using before this method. ALso if i don't drink the water and lemon does the vineger not work at all? I thought diet didn't have anything to do with acne, guess not huh?
  8. I can completely relate to you, i'm pretty sure the ones on my nose are scars (a couple from where i foolishly popped them and some just popped by themselves when i was sleeping). I have other marks on my face, but the nose ones are completly taking over my life and i can't get them out of my mind or every time someone looks at me. If i can get rid of them, even a few of them, i would be such a happier person. How much do laser or dermabrasion procedures cost? I'd pay if i knew it would work
  9. emmanuel what are te bumps called? What procedures do you think will work?
  10. Sorry it was microdermabrasion. Didn't help at all, in fact i think it even added a few little bumps and it irrated the rest of my skin and gave me a few more zits because of it. When i went to the doctor about them he said there was no treatment for them, he said there would be "no life changing procedures", he was a real jerk if you ask me. I wasted like a grand on the whole thing and have no improvement to show for it. Maybe there is laser treatment that can help cause they just fee
  11. I have bumps on my nose too, i have four large ones that have been around for years now and i can't get rid of them no matter what i tried. I saw a dermotoligist and he said Dermabrasion would make them smaller, i had 6 dermabrasion sessions that were very costly but i had to stop when i ran out of money. The sessions didn't help at all cause they look the same as they did before i had them. Anyone know any other methods to get rid of these?