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  1. hey, im not my 5th month, my skin was doing so great! until a picked at a pimple and now it looks like i have a giant burn on my face lol, and then i got so stressed about it, i got 2 more pimples. Has anyone broke out all the way untill they finished their course?
  2. I am begging my 4th month and I still get pimples :/ maybe we will just clear up when our course is finished!
  3. I had to swtich brands too, and i was worried, but my doctor said it was completly fine! good luck
  4. I am in the begging of my fourth month, and i still get pimples :/
  5. hey guys! I am about ready to begin my 4th month on the treatment, and my skin has improved tremendously, my back and chest is completly clear! but i still get pimples on my face, it has really improved, but i still am not confident enough to go to school and not wear make-up. When did pimples completley shut down for you? I really hope they stop for me. Thank you!
  6. hey guys! im almost on my 3rd month...but i still get darn pimples which is super frusterating. When did pimples stop appearing for you? thanks for the help!
  7. Hi! im just over my second month on accutane, and i've discovered my skin dosn't heal very well. So I started taking vitamin e, zinc, and fish oil pills. I also sometimes take the kids flinstones ones to get a bit of everything. Is this a bad idea? Will it get in the way of the actuane working? thank for your help!
  8. I am on my 2 m. and 1 day mark, and i don't have that many active pimples and there not bad ones at all, but I my skin won't heal afterward, so i have these awful red dry skin marks. and they stay forever, its so frusterating. How do you make them go away quicker? ive tryed neosporin and aquaphor but they don't seem to help too much. thank you for your help!
  9. hi! i just finished my second month or taking sotret, but i still break out. It's so frusterating! is this normal? How long did it take everyone to get clear? well thanks for the help! I really appreachiate it!
  10. hey everyone! I think I have about 10 days untill I go to the derm to start my second month of sotret. I am experiencing all the side effects, but my skin has been so weird. It will get really really good and i'll be so happy, and then it will break out terrible again. Is this normal? I really hope this stuff works for me