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  1. thank you so much i know how you feel my parents are the only thing that holds me back from doing anything crazy i will try to be strong but i don't know how much longer i can try thank you for the reply thank you for the reply i really appreciate it i will look into getting help
  2. hey guys i was wondering if anyone could relate to me right now. i used to be such a happy person full of engery but within the past year my life has changed 1 st we had a cancer scare in my family they thought my mom had cancer thank god she doesn't. then i became deppressed and wanted to kill myself. and i can't seem to make this pain go away i recently broke up with my boyfriend of almost 3 years and have not been taking that well my new thing is popping like 4-5 pills then drinking to numb
  3. quite drive rise from the ashes shinedown simple man lifehouse new cd
  4. do anyone notice that they breakout even more from taking anxiety meds?
  5. has anyone ever tryed era spray on foundation the kind that they use on what not to wear on tlc the coverage seems amazing i would appreciate any replies thank you
  6. i like it i also like quitedrive rise from these ashes u can check it out on you tube
  7. hey guys i was just curious if a girl has mild acne do you still think she's attractive? or is that a turn off to guys? doesn't even matter? i recently started dating a really nice guy but im so self consious about my acne i'm always wondering what he's thinking if he notices it. sometimes i feel like i'm crazy
  8. does anyone notice that drinking beer causes them to breakout more?
  9. hello i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what type of vitamins i should take to help my skin thank you have a good day
  10. i'm sure you are a beutiful person both inside and out i know how u feel i feel the same way. hopefully with time things will get better for us