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  1. I only found out about bb creams not even a year ago and after reading so many rave reviews and looking at the before and after pics, I had to try it out. Even though, the before and after pics were of pretty models with flawless skin in the before shots, the fact that the bb creams were used on those who underwent laser surgery got me interested and that bb creams must do a pretty good job of concealing and healing the skin. You can buy bb creams on ebay, there are some live journal sprees
  2. I'm on my 2nd tube of Financea and I've not had any peculiar facial hair probs either
  3. ^^^I agree. I wouldnt believe everything on that website, as everything we use and consume could be cancerous. Even after reading that, I would still continue to use Retin-A as its been highly researched upon and a proven product thats been around for a long time.
  4. I used to use Everyday Minerals until I discovered bb creams- blemish balm creams. If you search on bb creams, there are tonnes of reviews from beauty bloggers and online forum members about the usage of bb creams. As with all products, its a trial and error product, but bb creams are very natural looking
  5. I would highly recommend bb creams. The most popular brands are from Korea such as Skin Food, Hanskin, Skin79, Dr Jart. BB creams are foundation, concealer in one with added benefits. If you do a google search, there are plenty of reviews on bb creams
  6. ^^^I agree. If you have Retin-A, applying that a couple of times a day could reduce the swelling and could bring it up so you can extract it. If you dont have Retin-A then I find Neutrogena deep clean 2 in 1 wash mask good for drying the pimple and reduce the swelling
  7. Depends on what product you're using really, for example when using retinoids, it took 2-3 months to see the results. But for any other products, I personally would test it for a few days behind my ear and if theres no adverse reaction, I would use it 2-3 weeks straight to see if its suitable for me
  8. I'm using Cetaphil gentle cleanser and have been using it for months. Its not drying and doesnt reduce acne, but its a nice gentle cleanser for using in the morning and after cleansing oil. You will have to buy online though, but an alternative would be Avene gentle cleanser- I've not used it but based on the ingredients and other peoples reviews, its rather similar to Cetaphil
  9. I actually started this thread back in August and so I've already been to the derm and I have to say that it wasnt a nice experience. The wait was suprisingly short, I only waited for about 20 odd minutes. I saw a female derm, which I thought would be better and more understanding, but she was patronising and didnt know half the products I've been using, and gave me advice that was a bit "off", like using Retin-A twice a day which I think will be too much and didnt advise me to use a strong s
  10. Hey, the website I used to get generic Retin-a is--- alldaychemist.com They stock lots of meds and they're very cheap (less than $5USD I think) but p+p costs about $20USD but it still works out ok. But now that I've got a prescription of branded Retin-a, I wont need to order from them anymore. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get here, but they'll email you once they've shipped it. However, as you're using branded Retin-a, you're best off sticking with it cos the alldaychemist ones are olive-es
  11. Is anyone on a combo of Retin-A and Finacea? Also, after washing the face, would I need to wait x minutes for the skin to dry then apply finacea then wait another x minutes to apply moisturiser? Thanks
  12. Has anyone used the Retin-A and Finacea gel combo? I have both at hand, just need to think of whether to use them individually or use one at night and the other in the morning
  13. I've seen a derm about 8yrs ago but wasnt for my acne. What should I expect from the derm? Do I tell him what products I'm using rihgt now for my acne? Do they examine your skin or just let you pick which treatments..anyway what topicals do they usually prescribe? I'm using Retin-A already- though its purchased from online pharmacies in India, so I guess I cant really tell my derm that I'm buying illegal meds . What brand of Retin-A does the UK offer- Johnson and Johnson? Thanks
  14. Have you considered using pearl powder? Just dust a bit on top of your lotion or mix it together. Its brilliant at controlling oil and keeps skin matte throughout the day
  15. I agree, maybe you should try the Cetaphil gentle cleanser again. Its extremely gentle and non-irritating even when I was starting Retin-A. It doesnt get rid of makeup or sunscreen though so maybe use an oil cleanser or microfibre cloth