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  1. ... which is effective? any good? :)
  2. So... Several people recommended this site: Bioskincare.com Any of you guys know which products seem most appropriate for fading red marks, and eventually making them disappear completely? Any experiences aswell? These are the products available on the site: BIOSKINCARE - Moisturizing cream: "Preventing and removing scars, keratosis, psoriasis scales and all types of skin blemishes and replenishes the lipid barrier of the skin." $49 BIOSKINCLEAR - Gel: "A natural remedy for acne, rosacea, an
  3. I used to apply tea tree oil face wash, which was not very helpful.. I used it on my acne though, not redmarks.. BUT I have had really nice results by using Tea Tree Oil 100 %. I dunno if its what youre using, but try to find the 100 % version. ABC (Australian Body Care) has made a very small bottle containin 100 % tea tree oil. If you mix it up with olive oil (1 part of tea tree oil, 9 parts of olive oil) and apply on your face during the day or when you go to bed (as moisturizer). I used to go
  4. hey guys. "Hydroquinone - works by inhibiting the enzyme (tyrosinase) which causes tanning/pigmentation" I was just wondering if anybody inhere has tried the Hydroquinone solution for fading red marks, and did you have great/bad results?? My question is also, is this regimen appropriate for my red marks? I have numerous small red marks on my left cheek mostly, not quite noticeable though. My goal is to fade them completely, but is bleaching them the right method. Give me your opinios, thank
  5. Hey all you readers of this forum. I have been using the Dan Kern Regimen for 3-4 months. My acne before the treatment was very noticeable, but not extremely severe. However, I have succeeded to get rid of a majority of my acne, which basicly only was active on my cheeks. Of course I get a pimple or two once in a while, specifically when i got hangovers . I do get rid of those breakouts during a couple of days or so. The problem is, that I have some red marks left from my acne on the cheeks. I'