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  1. For my creative writing class, I need to describe all aspects of a character's life. Everything is very easy for my to write about until the subject of fashion comes up. I'm absolutely CLUELESS with fashion, and would really appreciate some ideas/help from any of the more fashion-savvy out there. My character is a 20-something woman born and raised on an island of Greece, and is a traditional yet sassy Mediterranean woman. How would she dress? I really appreciate all answers! Also, if you thin
  2. So I'm FINALLY clear (going gluten free, using essential oils Lavender+Tea Tree+Frankincense+Myrrh, drinking lots of water, and taking spirulina tabs), however, I'm left with hyperpigmentation and some possible scars (too early to tell). Are there any supplements I can add to help speed the healing process with scars? Also, I'm considering going on a month long green-smoothie fast (to help other things than just my skin), but would this have an effect on the hyperpigmentation? I'm too scared t
  3. So I'm finally clear (mostly due to cutting out gluten, but also from a specific topical regimen and combo of vitamins), but I want to change my supplements (currently taking Niacin, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Liquid Chlorophyll and Omega 3). I want to stop taking anything in a gelatin cap, and I want to start taking spirulina tablets, liquid chlorophyll, a sea vegetable supplement, and straight fish oil. All of these supplements are supposed to be wonderful for your overall health, but would any
  4. No I have not read it, but I just googled it and it looks amazing! Hahaha thank you for the recommendation! It's now on my amazon wishlist (and it's going to be a great addition to my collection of books like Healing with Whole Foods and the Acne Diet)!
  5. I haven't been here in a while, but I came back to say what cured me. I had acne for roughly 5 years (cycling from mild, to moderate, and occasionally severe, but mostly moderate with lots of scarring) Now here is my regimen that cured my active acne and has been helping my scars tremendously! I mean they are fading significantly every day! Diet: (Pretty simple rules I go by) -Eat more plants than any other food group -Eat protein (I get mine from eggs or fish since I always have them in my ki
  6. So I have tried the pill and it didnt work for me. In fact, it caused me to be anemic and only made my skin worse. In regards to my dietary changes here is everything I have done. Note, when I make a dietary change I will test it for one month, so all of these had 4 weeks of trial: -Completely Elimnating Dairy -Eliminating coffee, chocolate, and all baked goods (which admittedly I dont eat very much of anyway) -Overloading myself with omega 3 foods (my dad is a fisherman so its not that differe
  7. So, I have had acne for about three years now and it has cycled from almost clear to moderate all the while, and I have a bigger problem with hyperpigmentation/inflammation rather than bumps (though in this post I am specifically complaining about my bumps, my other problems would be a WHOLE other rant hehehe) Anyway, I have tried a lot of popular internal remedies (zinc, omega 3, olive leaf, dietary changes, herbs like echinacea and burdock and many others, and the list goes on) but absolutely
  8. I'm curious, the aspirin mask is such a hit, but would taking aspirin internally have any effect on acne?
  9. I want to go on the pill, but I'm scared about the affects it could have on my skin. Out of personal experiences/knowledge which pill would be best (or should I avoid) for acne treatment?
  10. So my acne is pretty mild (just whiteheads on my forehead, cheeks, and around the mouth/chin area), but it looks so much worse than it is because I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation. I've tried lavender oil and it did seem to help some areas of hyper-pigmentation but otherwise it just irritated my baby sensitive skin and caused some cysts. I've used some diluted lemon juice twice now and have not seen much improvement in anything but nothing has gotten worse either (should I keep trying with that
  11. I am convinced my acne is not caused by my diet (I have given up milk before with no improvement, my skin actually looks better when I have dairy, and last night I went on a pasta binge and my skin looks fine if not better today). If most topicals irritate my sensitive skin how do I go about treating acne?
  12. I'm really sorry to here that, and I wish I could help. For the itchy-ness and ingrown hairs on yours legs have you tried putting Sarna lotion on after? It's very cooling and is an anti-itch lotion (My family has used it for Eczema for years). Good luck though healing your skin, I'm sure it will be flawless in time
  13. I dunno if you have tried it, but my mother used have really bad KP on her arms too and she put straight coconut oil on it a few times. It's never come back since! When I had just a little bit (not too bad) Cetaphil lotion got rid of it. Good luck though with the AHA, good to hear its helping!
  14. I'm curious and afraid to try olive oil on my skin topically. I have used it in the past, and I used it as a part of a sugar scrub the other night. My skin felt nice, but the stubborn whiteheads I've had on my forehead got bigger (I was able to extract some, it seemed like they came to the surface) and I also broke on between my eyebrows with a single cyst (I felt it forming there before though). Would olive oil make my skin purge, or is it too heavy for my fragile face? What about your own pers
  15. So I've recently changed my skincare regimen, and the whiteheads that have been on my forehead forever have gotten bigger. It looks like they are coming to the surface finally, but I don't know if this is good or not. When whiteheads get bigger is it a part of their healing?