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  1. well, yes, persistent pimples will leave a scar, that is because the white cells are trying to fight over it with no success at all, so they are eating up the collagen.
  2. your right cheek is not healed from acne completely, therefore you can't opt for any treat yet.
  3. Thanks for the help with my new nemesis! I really think that accutane is way better than antibiotics, hope your regimen is treating you well! ;)

  4. what does a better part of a decade means? i also dont understand why you keep taking it if you are already clear, and out of the usual threatment.
  5. Yeah coz accutane is really wonderfull for your body :P tane isn't a sure fire thing either man. The Great Reizo= thumbs up lamarr1986 = bs talker
  6. tetracycline= a useless antibiotic that will make acne breakouts stronger, if you have tried it for a month thats more than enough to ban it from taking it. differin= a cream close to what retin A does, again, 2 months of it its enough to throw it away, it does have a better effect than antibiotic, but, it doesnt solve the problem, you keep breaking out. bp soap= the worse soap you can use for acne, it irritates, and its medicinal, contains benxoil peroxide, which by itself is very irritativ
  7. my best advice, go visit a doctor who cares about acne patients! i have visit lots of outdated dermatologist and i gotta tell you internet is the best tool around to keep yourself updated. that is, how to spot a useless outdated derm.
  8. well i dont wash it too often now and stop using the danruff shampoo for a normal type shampoo and contitioner accutane helps with seborrea, it stop it.
  9. my back hurts close to the liver area, just wondering if this a back pain, or is it my liver hurting? anyone?
  10. 40mg, id say it is maybe a little more oily than when i started. but the wierd thing is after i started the oil went away along with much of my acne and my skin became very dry. now in my 2nd month several pimples and a lot of oil is coming back. my skin isnt dry any more either. its like the accutane stopped working.
  11. only use it to heal the itchy fast, after 3 days let it heal by itself. if the itchy continues, then something its wrong, either you are using too much benxoil and too much soaps, etc,
  12. i was afraid also before taking accutane. i got some anxiety the first 15 pills at 20 mg( cause i have read so many horror stories and i thought i would get every possible side effect, so basically if my stomach hurts from doing abs, i thought i was getting an ulcer or something) but then everything was back to normal, im currently on my second month and i was one of the many people who get scare of accutane depression and i can tell you it just doesn't happen that way. Ironically, when my oil s
  13. i wash normal twice a day, mmm i dont keep a log of what i ate......