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  1. The worst was the fact that my acne got so much worse before it got better! Like I said, most of the scarring I have is due to the really bad breakouts I got during the course...everything just seemed to get more inflamed than usual. Otherwise during the course I just generally felt like I had a low-grade illness all the time, like mono or something...fatigue, joint paints, difficulty concentrating, irritability....and just feeling dehydrated all the time. It wasn't intolerable, but it was bad e
  2. thanks....the accutane really did change the entire texture of my skin...it still gets really shiny and oily when it's hot out, but my skin does feel really smooth and refined...although you can't see it in the after pics, I still have quite a bit of scarring and redness on my cheeks, but the front part of my face has stayed really clear.
  3. I'm only going to leave these pictures up for a few days...I think the results speak for themselves as to why it was worth all the horrible side effects: 2 months into accutane (january) awful!! http://server2.uploadit.org/files/novemberhorse-accu1.24.jpg (right side of face) 3.5 months into accutane (march) http://server2.uploadit.org/files/november...-accumar314.jpg (right side) http://server2.uploadit.org/files/november...-accumar316.jpg (left side) 4 months post-accutane (july) ht
  4. I promised I wouldn't forget to let people know how my accutane course worked out for me. I'm 21/f, took 40 mg a day for 2 months, 80 for 2 months (this worked out to exactly 120 mg/kg, the minimum cumulative dose for full remission). I'll be honest, I experienced some really nasty effects from accutane, but on the other hand, the severe acne I had before was pretty much destroying my life, so I am extremely grateful that I had the option to take it, and I would do it over again if I had to. Fi
  5. It sounds like you're not going to go for the accutane now, but I'll tell you a little about my experience in case you consider it in the future. I also devoted a full year to holistic methods of treatment with little success...sometimes I think the genetic component is too strong for diet to make a significant difference. Plus accutane and holistic treatments are not mutually exclusive...the latter will help keep you healthy during and your skin clear after accutane.I did have a lot of problem
  6. Yes! I just came here to post about this, but no need to make a separate post. I was on accutane for 4 months, reached 120 mg/kg dose...derm wanted me to go another 1-2 months but I started having hair thinning and joint pain and stopped. Now 3 months after taking the last pill my hair loss is getting worse. Probably hundreds of hairs a day if I were to comb them out...my drain is completely clogged every time I take a shower! And my idiot dermatologists 'doubts' its from the accutane...right
  7. Me...I experienced mild hair loss throughout the course, and was not on birth control...actually finished Accutane a month ago but my hair seems to be getting increasingly thinner. I'd upgrade it from mild to moderate hair loss now. It freaks me out that some people don't even get hair loss until 3 months or so AFTER they're finished, and then don't recover for like years...I'm hoping some people will chime in who did have hair loss during/after the course, but that it eventually went back to no
  8. ugh yes! Not that I had the most wonderful memory to begin with, but I'll literally read something and then not only do I forget the content of what I've read, I sometimes forget whether or not I've even read it to begin with. And forget trying to actually be creative in writing. I've been off accutane for about a month...I still feel very 'flat' mentally and have difficulty remembering things and staying focused. I'd say it's improved some, because it was much worse about a month ago, but still
  9. No, but cinnamon has been proven in a recent study (posted elsewhere on the forum) to significantly improve insulin sensitivity...anything that helps regulate insulin will probably indirectly balance stress hormones and eventually this will translate back to your skin. No it's not a miracle cure by any means, but a lot of small steps can make a difference to your skin and overall health in the long run. It's not going to cure your acne or anything, but it might help.
  10. I wouldn't apply cinnamon topically...the oils are potentially quite irritating. However I think it's really beneficial internally. I feel like my blood sugar levels have really stabilized over the past few weeks. I haven't even been taking it religiously, probably like 1/2 teapsoon 4-5 times a week, but wow. Obviously I haven't had formal glucose testing, but I can feel when my blood glucose is unstable throughout the day...since taking the cinnamon I don't get as much of a jittery 'rush' after
  11. so after riding my dumb baby horse and realizing he is a complete lunatic, I've realized there is a not improbabl chance that I'll break a bone of sustain some other kind of injury in the near future I know accutane slows the healing process, but has anyone ever actually had an accident or sports related injury while on it? What kind, and did you stop taking accutane... how did it heal, etc? If I were to say, break my wrist when aforementioned horse bucked me off and I was on accutane, would i
  12. To keep this short: Never worn makeup before, of any sort, ever. Have quite severe redmarks, scarring, and some active acne. Would like to be able to cover it up as much as possible WITHOUT aggravating my very acne prone and sensitive skin. An organic/all natural line would be great...I have heard a lot of people like everyday minerals or physician's formula...but honestly I have no idea where to start. I wouldn't know the difference between concealer and foundation...etc. I''d like to just
  13. I want to avoid using those mainstream shampoos/conditioners (or even the expensive salon versions) with sodium lauryl sulfate and all that other crap...but I'm having trouble finding a shampoo/conditioner combo that gives my hair good volume and shine.. partly this is from accutane-induced thinning and dryness, but I've noticed that the chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners are the ones that give your hair that nice bounce and shine. I have very fine, dull, thin, straight hair at the moment,
  14. so I managed to get a nice poison ivy rash on my arms, and spread it to my face...I have like hundreds of little itchy pink blister things on my forehead and around my nose, a few under my eye, and some along my cheekbone. I'm almost positive it's poison ivy, since I did step in a stupid patch of the stuff...however being on accutane I'm wondering if it's alright to put calamine lotion on my face, since it's kind of drying. The rash isn't extremely inflamed or serious, but it looks like crap and
  15. Yes I take ambien as well as accutane. My derm said it was not a problem...you should still ask your doctor, but I think it's fine. Haha ambien rules. It's the only thing that has ever allowed me to sleep normally.
  16. So is regular (organic) cinnamon, like the spice sold in bottles for cooking, the same as what would be in the pills? It's not processed differently? I'd rather just shake a bunch of that over some applesauce than take yet another pill. I would assume cinnamon is cinnamon, though!
  17. morphine to clear the skin...a well-kept secret of the medical community? But seriously, whenever I get sick or have a fever, my skin improves greatly also. I'm not sure why, but my theory is that maybe since the whole immune system is kicked into overdrive to fight off some pathogen or heal a serious wound, your skin benefits because the (er, special immune cells...it's been too long since anatomy and physiology. You know, phagocytes, lymphocytes, monocytes...those things) are produced and
  18. lol, they won't amputate it. They'll take you off accutane immediately, immobilize the broken bone...if possible they'll wait a few days to do any surgery/setting but if it's an emergency situation they'll go ahead and do the surgery. The break will probably take a longer time to heal, and there will most likely be a nasty scar where any incision/tear in the skin was, but no they will not take off the whole arm.
  19. so I had a derm appt today to pick up accutane RX. Now this may not seem like a shocker to most of us, and many forward-thinking derms would have agreed a long time ago, but keep in mind that this guy is the 50-ish, stuffy, uppity, type of derm that I think everyone has had at some point. Throws accutane around like candy (which I'm not complaining about), kind of smirks when you ask a question, tries to limit his interaction with you to under 2 minutes, etc...and last year I made some offhand
  20. ok wow I haven't updated this in ages. Now day 120...I've officially completed my 'minimal cumulative dose' of 120 mg/kg... 4 months at ~ 1 mg/kg per day. In terms of active acne I am doing much, much better. Up until the middle of this month I was pretty much breaking out every day. Over the past few weeks I've gotten only a few minor breakouts, so I'm really pleased with that. Unfortunately the red marks from the IB and before are taking a helluva long time to fade and my face is very red in
  21. Dermatologists are the only kind of doctors who can prescribe accutane in the US, but I don't think they are required by law to try other treatments. It's the industry standard to try other treatments first, but some more liberal derms will give it to you almost right away if you have severe acne or scarring. But many derms are also stuck in the dark ages and will force you to undergo a year of benzoyl peroxide washes and topical retinoids first. If you just tell your derm that you've been presc
  22. Ezekiel bread is awesome. I don't think it's technically gluten free so if you are a true celiac you should probably avoid it, but I can't tolerate even most whole wheat bread and I have no problem from the Ezekiel bread whatsoever. It's that specific brand though...for some reason other sprouted grain breads give me that kind of sour feeling in my stomach and slight dizziness also--probably higher gluten content. I think the Ezekiel bread is really low glycemic index-- if you hold it in your mo
  23. Weight: 60kg / 130ish lbs Dosage: 80mg/day Sex: female Side effects: For the first 3 months I had minimal side effect except dry skin...now I'm having some hair thinning, loss of athletic conditioning (not that I was in awesome shape, but I definitely get more sore and tired now), weight gain around midsection (without increase in appetite/food intake), lack of motivation/concentration. These have all appeared in the 4th month. For the intended effects of the drug...just now seeing them. The fir
  24. yes, I'm still on it...but my stomach doesn't actually hurt, it just looks fat. What about you? I think accutane may sometimes interfere with insulin sensitivity which could cause you to accumulate visceral fat around your midsection...at least that's my theory...it seems like it's mostly accumulated fat.