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  1. I'm watching this again on MTV right now and thought... How are these people doing nowadays? Anyone have any ideas?
  2. i dunno... i lean more toward the "plenty of fish" school of thought....
  3. i had knee pain while on accutane and i found that exercising the joint helped... my pain pretty mild but since i sit at a desk for like 9 hours a day im sure that didnt help my knee so i would take breaks to walk around and just extend and hold the knee extended while at my desk
  4. wait a sec, a date with an ex? isnt he an ex for a reason? i think maybe you should date someone else...
  5. awesome! im getting back on it next week... i cant wait to have great skin again
  6. i was on accutane for 1 regular course... and wheni was on it my skin was awesome but a year and half later its not soo nice i would get back on accutane but im concerned about what it does to your bones... i had pretty mild knee soreness when on it but yeah, accutane took care of the oil pretty quickly...
  7. i finished a 5 or 6 month course on dec 15 of last year and i started breaking out again after uh 6 months... i am contemplating a second course but i experienced bone pain (sore knee) while on accutane so im wary to get back on it...
  8. a friend of mine was stayin with me and she had the 3 step kit, i thought the moisturizer gel was the best part actually... i have oily/very oily skin and by some voodoo magic it seemed to somehow help control the oiliness for a couple hours. and it virtually eliminated the scaling i have been experiencing due to my over generous tazorac applications oh and i was using the formula for combination skin... i think im gonna spring for the oily/very oily gel
  9. anyone been on low dose accutane for more than 2 years? about 8 months ago i finished a 5 month course of i think it was 60mg/day ... i had FANTASTIC results, no oil, shrunk pores, sebaceous hyperplasia shrunk considerably, and the only side effects i had were dryness around my mouth/chin and a sore knee. the sore knee part scared me though... so i have been hesitant to get back on accutane. so if anyone has been on a low dose for a period of more than 2 years, AND had joint soreness as a side
  10. do you still have bone pain? when i was on accutane i developed pain in my knee... it wasnt bad at all but i put my health absolutely first so i dont know if i will go back on it (to reduce oil)
  11. your skin is probably gonna get SUPER DRY and scaly after a couple weeks on accutane, i found that the cetaphil products worked pretty well at keeping it manageable, i used the lotion with spf 15 during the day and nothing at night (prob why i got sooo dry) but now i have been using the cetaphil cream moisturizer at night and that really helps tons with the dryness (im now on tazorac so i still get dry and scaly) other products i have tried: oil of olay for sensitive skin and another for oily s
  12. maybe ask your doctor about adding tazorac or duac to your treatment? are you having any side effects, like soreness of joints or back? the pills should be kept in a cool place, throw them in the fridge if you have to. also are you taking them with food? i thought i was told that taking them with food helps them to be absorbed by the body. i used to take mine with dinner... hang in there, i was on 5 or 6 months myself and i dont really remember seeing a difference for like 3 months or so...
  13. i think they are waaay not bad. i wouldnt risk making them worse with any lasers/acids or anything... just stick with whatever retin-a or whatever non-invasive stuff your derm recommends.
  14. are the bumps soft to the touch? if so... i have that on my nose and other areas of my face... my derm. told me they arent scars, its sebacious hyperplasia (overgrown oil glands). about 4 weeks ago i had one treated with some kinda acid (didnt ask what exactly) and its healing VERY SLOWLY. as of right now its still pretty bright pink, but it looks a bit flatter. and i had another on my cheek lasered with smoothbeam about 2 weeks ago, which is healing faster and but is still slow compared to wh
  15. while i was in highschool i used to get big cystic pimples mostly on my nose and chin, sometimes on my cheeks and by my smile lines... i never really had more than 2 at a time though so i was lucky for that BUT my part time job was cashier at a busy grocery store!!! so i had to be face-to-face, like 2 feet away from well over 100 people a day! sounds like a nightmare doesnt it? it was hard but needing the money easily overpowered my embarassment and in the end, facing all those people made me
  16. my best guess would be neosporin+bandaid ? and call another doctor and see if you cant get a sooner appointment.
  17. oh i should say also that i didnt actually use "neosporin" i used the safeway brand which was a gel and also had pain reliever in it... it works great and its like half the price of brand name neosporin
  18. 2-3 cups of coffee a day is good for you! unless you are adding tons of sugar that is... but yeah, some studies have shown lower incidence/delayed onset of alzheimers in coffee drinkers. its being attributed to the fact that coffee is very rich in antioxidants... also keep in mind that green tea and pomegranite juice are also rich in antioxidants but the catch is that green tea contains less antioxidants per cup and pomegranite juice is expensive! drink up!
  19. i had one on my cheekbone a few weeks ago... immediately after washing for bed i put neosporin on it and covered it tightly with a small bandaid, but before i applied the bandaid i rubbed a dab more neosporin on the pad of the bandaid. i did that every night and during all hours that i was at home. it healed nicely in like 3 or 4 days. also i made sure i used plenty of moisturizer/spf on it during the daytime and NO other topicals oh and im also on solodyn so im sure that helped with the infl