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  1. I'm watching this again on MTV right now and thought... How are these people doing nowadays? Anyone have any ideas?
  2. i dunno... i lean more toward the "plenty of fish" school of thought....
  3. i had knee pain while on accutane and i found that exercising the joint helped... my pain pretty mild but since i sit at a desk for like 9 hours a day im sure that didnt help my knee so i would take breaks to walk around and just extend and hold the knee extended while at my desk
  4. wait a sec, a date with an ex? isnt he an ex for a reason? i think maybe you should date someone else...
  5. awesome! im getting back on it next week... i cant wait to have great skin again
  6. i was on accutane for 1 regular course... and wheni was on it my skin was awesome but a year and half later its not soo nice i would get back on accutane but im concerned about what it does to your bones... i had pretty mild knee soreness when on it but yeah, accutane took care of the oil pretty quickly...
  7. i finished a 5 or 6 month course on dec 15 of last year and i started breaking out again after uh 6 months... i am contemplating a second course but i experienced bone pain (sore knee) while on accutane so im wary to get back on it...
  8. a friend of mine was stayin with me and she had the 3 step kit, i thought the moisturizer gel was the best part actually... i have oily/very oily skin and by some voodoo magic it seemed to somehow help control the oiliness for a couple hours. and it virtually eliminated the scaling i have been experiencing due to my over generous tazorac applications oh and i was using the formula for combination skin... i think im gonna spring for the oily/very oily gel
  9. anyone been on low dose accutane for more than 2 years? about 8 months ago i finished a 5 month course of i think it was 60mg/day ... i had FANTASTIC results, no oil, shrunk pores, sebaceous hyperplasia shrunk considerably, and the only side effects i had were dryness around my mouth/chin and a sore knee. the sore knee part scared me though... so i have been hesitant to get back on accutane. so if anyone has been on a low dose for a period of more than 2 years, AND had joint soreness as a side
  10. do you still have bone pain? when i was on accutane i developed pain in my knee... it wasnt bad at all but i put my health absolutely first so i dont know if i will go back on it (to reduce oil)
  11. your skin is probably gonna get SUPER DRY and scaly after a couple weeks on accutane, i found that the cetaphil products worked pretty well at keeping it manageable, i used the lotion with spf 15 during the day and nothing at night (prob why i got sooo dry) but now i have been using the cetaphil cream moisturizer at night and that really helps tons with the dryness (im now on tazorac so i still get dry and scaly) other products i have tried: oil of olay for sensitive skin and another for oily s
  12. maybe ask your doctor about adding tazorac or duac to your treatment? are you having any side effects, like soreness of joints or back? the pills should be kept in a cool place, throw them in the fridge if you have to. also are you taking them with food? i thought i was told that taking them with food helps them to be absorbed by the body. i used to take mine with dinner... hang in there, i was on 5 or 6 months myself and i dont really remember seeing a difference for like 3 months or so...