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  1. I got a massive skin irritation roughly March 1st and for a week it was a living hell - couldnt even go out. My face had a rash with so so so many whiteheads and stuff. I went to the dermatologist who gave me duacgel but i haven't really been using it. I've just been washing my face morning and night with warm water and to be honest, my skin is looking great however i don't think i fully recovered from that irritiation. Ive got all these bumps (comedones or whatever you call them) and Im guessin
  2. Yes, I've used that product. My skin was looking all good(couldnt have looked better) so i head many good things about Dermalogica products so I used the Clearing gel along with the Daily microfoliant and it made me my skin SO BAD that I had to go to the dermatologist. It gave me about 30-40 small whiteheads and a rash over my face. it's been 3 weeks since this happened and I'm still feeling the after effects - sure, while the rash might have cleared i keep getting all these new bumps and stuff.
  3. If I were to start putting nothing onto my face, how long should i give this treatment a try before it would give results? I've already been on this kind of treatment for a week and a bit and during the time i havent broken out much, but i can feel a few pimples coming through and my skin texture is poor. Will there be any purging occuring to clear out what was underneath the skin. The reasoin why i am trying this is because I have heard many people say these chemicals have polluted their skin
  4. So Duac gel doesn't get help fade red marks? Once I get these red marks faded and this infection cleared I won't be applying anything onto my face anymore. I won't mind a few zits here and there every week - its normal and even if i did change my diet it doesnt mean it would be cleared. Not everyone will get cured through diet form. Secondly, I am going to stop using AHA/BHA agents. I know they do help fade red marks however in the field of dermatology and skincare, they are moving away from
  5. Differin or Duac Gel or both. Well like I have mentioned before, an exfoliating product had caused irritation to my near clear/clear skin and as a result i got a massive breakout of whiteheads. Today is one week since i began to break out like crazy and to be honest my skin is getting better with each day. I've just got many red marks now and don't know what to accept if dermatologist wants me to take it. I don't trust dermatologists (most) and the ones in my area are untrustworthy however they
  6. I have to wait 2 days for my appointment. Even though it looks as though it is improving it still looks horrible. Can't believe a couple weeks ago i had perfect skin (or near) and i was trying to maintain it with this product and then all of a sudden BOMB. The main question for acne gurus out there! Does anyone know whether this skin irritation/infection will result in outbreaks for like a month/few months now, even if i get it treated by a derm? Like is there more stuff forming from under
  7. Well I think I have a skin infection. Anyone know what I can do to fi it? Cheers
  8. So almost 100% skin turned into irritated skin with about 20-25 now (5th day). Does anyone know if this irritation wll go away on its own or do i have to treat it? If so how? The product i used was the dermalogica dial microfoliant, and yes im 100% sure it was caused by that. Thank you
  9. Was just wondering if you could get pimples due to swallowing gum? haha.
  10. Hey Kodi, RE: your last paragraph. I got a question. Say a person gets acne at 15 years old and has mild-moderate acne and eats total garbage food. That person continues to eat the same diet for a further 4-5 years and somehow the pimples stop growing on that person. The person now continues with the same diet. If acne is diet related, wouldn't this person still have acne without somehow magically it disappearing?
  11. First and foremost I had the same approach as you. I said diet affects nothing. One day I decided to binge on chocolate for two days and you should have seen all these breakouts a few days later. I personally do think the chocolate had something to do with this. In saying this, for the last 4-5 days I have been eating cheese and eat anything I want basically (excluding fast food & chocolate) and I've broken out a few times and I'm sure it would have been the same had i not eaten these foo
  12. Here are a few photos of my very mild acne (if even that) and the marks that it has left. I don't think that there are any scars but some of these marks make me think that they are scars. What can you tell by obserivng the photo? Any scars? Or all red marks? If so, is it likely that these deep brown color red marks will stay here forever or will they eventually go? The red ones i got no issues with because they do leave quickly and don't leave any permanent marks but there are a few brown ones