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  1. I tried the 60 sec mask/scrub. It worked ok on my cheeks, but it broke me out around my mouth. It felt kind of annoying with that cold menthol feeling, and I have a hunch I may be sensitive to the menthol in it.
  2. Ben, I know you love getting technical, so I just thought I'd let you know that aspirin as actually acetylsalicylic acid not SA (I believe it gets converted to SA when taken internally, but thats not important if being applied topically). I'm not sure about direct cost comparisons, but a bottle of a few hundred is only a couple of dollars. Your using only 5-10 pills per mask. Aspirin works well for me to reduce redness, but I wouldn't use it daily. For me daily was too harsh. Two or three times
  3. Your mistake... plucking. When you pluck, you remove the entire hair root to tip. When it growns in a couple things may happen. If the pore is open and hair is growing straight out, all is well. But, if the hair isn't growing straight out or the pore is closed then you get ingrowns. I would leave the hair alone and let it grow out on its own. Clearasil Ultra has glycolic acid in it to help exfoliate so that will help with ingrowns. The only time you should do anything to ingrowns is if you see
  4. Winter, try vinegar. That has a good drying effect. If its too much for you neat then dilute it with water. Also someone else on this board mentioned Clinac OC (oil control) creme so you may want to look into that as well as Milk of Magnesia masks.
  5. I'm calm, I even appologized in advance if it seemed I came off as rude. Winter, natural products aren't free either so your still spending money. If I didn't do anything to my skin, it would be even oilier and worse then it is. Thats why sometimes I'm a bit jealous of people with naturally dry skin.
  6. Your not the only one with oily skin. I suffer from it too, my skin is usually only tame and decent looking in the winter when its naturally producing less oil AND I use drying acne products. In the summer no matter what I use my face is still oily less then an hour after washing. I don't buy one size fits all kits. I buy individual products after reviewing what they contain and what others think about them. I'm not telling you that you should use toners and masques and such because they will
  7. So your telling me all natural products are non-irritating? Heh.... Wasn't Nucelle the system that used algae extract? I've read more then one report of people having issues with it, causing them to get severely irritated and break out even more. Scrubs - aggravate acne if you use ones with particles that are too big, harsh, or you press too hard. Baking soda makes for a good gentle scrub if you don't use it so agressively, but if you press too hard or use too much your skin ends up feeling r
  8. How long had he been using the dry electric? If he has never used one before, then thats expected. It takes 3+ weeks for your skin to adjust. Thats why electric shavers come with a 30-60 day money back waranty. This was stated in several places in the manual and with a sticker on the shaver itself on all the electrics I've purchased. Note that this is especially true if your using a foil type razor.
  9. Dilute the products with water. 50% of a 2.5%BP cleanser + 50% water makes a cleanser thats 1.25%BP. Just make sure you stir it up good. Of course they will come out runny but its cheap.... Something doesn't click here though, if your using a 2.5% BP product and your still having reactions to it then your either using too much, too often, not using a sunscreen, or are alergic to BP.
  10. For people with sensitive skin, the closer the shave the more irritating its going to be. And wet shaves are usually closer then dry ones.
  11. Queen Helene Mint Julep mask has sulfur in it, thats pretty popular. Clearasil Adult cream has some as well. Acnomel cream has 8% sulphur and 2& resorcinol (sp?). Try www.drugstore.com for mailordering.
  12. Yep, you need to give your skin 3 weeks asuming you shave daily (even longer otherwise) with an electric if you have never used one before. Thats why most (all the ones I've seen at least) give you a 30-60 day return policy. My face completely burned up the first week I was on an electric but after that it was very nice.
  13. The cream is made for people with more sensitive, dry skin. The gel is better for oilier skin types and can be more drying, but works better. It really depends on what your skin can handle. I've seen more then one retinoid cream that comes in both cream and gel form.
  14. Spices can be smelled through persperiation? Wow, interesting. Next time I eat a habanero I'll have to take a wiff of myself hehe. I'll have to look at some sulfur meds as well. I think someone on here was touting a Clearasil sulfur product not too long ago.