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    I have one word to say...<br /><br />SPIRONOLACTONE!!<br /><br />I thank God for this product!!!!!
  2. Holly


    Mine was WICKED!!!! I actually had someone at work ask me...."what's wrong with your face" the patching and dark brown was horrible! I have been off Diane for almost 3 years now...it is just starting to go away... and in the summer it is still there if I am out in the sun...but I tan a little more even now on my face.... Diane 35=the devil!
  3. I have been rationing my last bottle...then I posted a question on makeupalley.com asking others to suggest on a moisturizer for acne/oily/sensitive skin... and got another Canadian saying to give Marcelle a try. You can get it at any Shoppers Drug Mart....London Drugs...probably other stores Aquarelle Aqua-Matte Hydrating Fluid Especially designed for oily skin, Aquarelle Aqua-Matte Hydrating Fluid is non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. Our oil-free formula is enriched with a mineral
  4. Well, that is rubbish! I am 37 and have been on Depo for almost 3 years now. My doctor says there is nothing wrong with missing your period all together. Lack of period is what is supposed to happen while on Depo..it is not a side effect. As far as my skin goes...depo has made it oilier...but I was prescribed Spironolactone and it has cleared up my skin 99%! So...clear skin...no period...no headaches...no cramps...no bloating...sex anytime... doesn't sound like a bad life to me
  5. It is acutally spelt - Spironolactone do a search here and you will find tons of previous posts about this drug.
  6. I have to cut my hair every 5 weeks otherwise I will go crazy...I think Spiro has thickened my already thick hair... haven't noticed excess hair anywhere else though...
  7. while on diane-35 my brain felt like it was about to explode the migraines were so bad that they sent me for a catscan to see if I had a brain tumor... there was nothing wrong...thank God... went of the Diane-35, all was better that BP is just damn evil!
  8. I switched and got off it!...I wish I would have sooner!!!!! What an evil drug! I had the same symptoms...and then some! I wouldn't wish this BC on my worst enemy!! echhhhhhhhhhh!
  9. Hi There! Here's my rountine with Spiro... I take 100mg once a day...(always at the same time of the day) usually after breakfast. It seems to work better on a full stomach. (unless yours doesn't get upset easily...you can take it without food too!) Didn't have an inital breakout or any side effects. It is not a fluke you are seeing...my skin started to change in almost 3 days! Oil was reduced but almost 90%! I have had a few minor breakouts...but my skin is soooo much better than
  10. Just wondering if you had axiety - before - going on Diane 35...or is this a new thing that you are dealing with? I ask because when I was on it...it made me feel super anxious almost to the point where I thought I needed some medication myself.
  11. answers - (I am on Depo Provera the every 13 week birth control shot....so) I am at my doctors for mini visits every 13 weeks... ...she checks my blood every 26 weeks...sometimes every 40. All my tests have come back normal so far. - there was no initial blood test...and when a derm prescribed it... I just mentioned I had heard good things about it...and she scribbled out a script without hesitation...not sure if my own GP would have done that so fast without talking to me about
  12. Just wondering if you had axiety - before - going on Diane 35...or is this a new thing that you are dealing with? I ask because when I was on it...it made me feel super anxious almost to the point where I thought I needed some medication myself. It did not work with my body chemistry, and made me feel totally crazy sometimes. Only when I went off Diane did I feel normal again...or close to what ever normal is ------ To the other poster...seems that the doctors here in Canada ar
  13. I was at a derm for a unrelated matter (possible skin cancer on foot) and mentioned my breakouts to the doctor...(I was 36 yrs old) she gave me a prescript for it... when I needed a refil...my GP handed one over...no problem because it was working for me 100%
  14. Initial breakout? YUP!!! and it went on for almost 3 years!!! I really hope you have success on this one! My acne got worse and worse and worse... then right before getting better...I would breakout in the exact same spots!! I hate that! other things to consider...I had -major migraines -major mood swings -leg cramping -body aching constantly -constant need to sleep -could cry at any given moment -my skin seemed to produce more oil skin never improved I was wanting thi
  15. Hi! Have you considered Spironolactone? The Diane didn't clear my skin at all...I stayed on it a long time hoping that it would one day make things better ...it just made me crazy in the head and mean! Spironolactone has helped my face 95% ... it's worth giving it a try if your doctor will prescribe it. When you say you gained a stone...what does that mean? a pound? 10pounds? Good luck