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  1. I'm glad that helped..... it's cool... most authors of holistic healing are observing the world and then creatively bending the laws of physiology to retro-fit the observation. the recommendations are probably helpful to many people but the theory behind it just a creative work of art.... you see it all the time with the guesswork of "liver cleanse" talks and of course the big "candida" hoax.... people speak out of their asses and others quote them as facts.... take it all in with a gra
  2. I tell everyone who fails the standard of therapy to go check out the acne practice.... they seem to specialize in patients with prior acne failures.... changed my life....
  3. way too much.... the body is more complex than the physiology books would lead on..... accuntane is a stress on the body, anything can happen under stress.....
  4. Ever thought you might be reading books written from people who speak out their ass....? people do it all the time....... and get published.
  5. hoping and waiting is always a bad move. go find real help get perfectly clear rather than waiting for life to magically go your way.....
  6. find a more holistic minded doctor and learn how to communicate better.... If you know in retrospect what he should have asked, maybe you can pinpoint the conversation better by saying, "This is what I am specifically trying to achieve...." Keep in mind there is as much nonsense marketing in holistic methods and products as there are for all other drugs..... 99% of those cleansing products are worhtless and many are harmfull since they contain harsh fibers and laxatives. It's t
  7. I always get emotional to try to help people here by telling them what worked for me. But lately I was thinking maybe the people here aren't that active......? are they....?
  8. He has his own product line and he said he gives different people different things...... the results were instantaneous.... less oil by day 1, less pimples on day two, no new pimples at all by week 2, dark marks gone by week 5, confidence increased in the first few weeks. It kills me to watch others now suffer from this disease.... especially when they think there is no way out...
  9. I've had acne for a decade and had taken accutane twice in the past with temporary results. Tried everything else topical and oral over several years and multiple doctors... This practice was way different. They have their own products I've never heard of and treatments I hadn't seen before like mist therapies ? with their own products.... I stopped asking after my skin got better and just decided to trust the doctor's opinion.... I think he was hesitant to talk about the products becau
  10. picked up singing, guitar, and piano later in life..... what was I doing wrong in my early twenties.....
  11. that post was all too relatable.... acne is a cruel joke. you seem cool, but your pessimistic outlook on your condition is skewed.... one recommendation for you.... Google up the acne practice. They saved me and I'm sure they can save you as well.... I agree that the idea that accepting large air constricting boils on your nose is not an acceptable option... feel better, E
  12. my heart is with you here...... Maybe the stress of the accutane threw the immune system out of whack..... Sorry to hear of the frustration and pain. Try to take some comfort in that you didn't make a horrible mistake. You were doing the best you could in a tough situation to begin with.... Ongoing heavy acne can be as debilitating as any disease...
  13. the acne practice, period. (after a long and foolish journey of detached doctors and self treatment....) hey eddie, what did it take to make you clear?
  14. I can't speak for everyone, but this wasn't just a temporary fix for me... I haven't needed to return to the clinic since I finished months ago. (.....hope I didn't just jinx myself.... )