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  1. 1) Do you suffer from acne? Definitely in the past, just blackheads now. 2) What grade of acne do you suffer from? I'm in remission, but in the past Grade II with a few random cysts 3) Do you feel like acne effects how introverted/extroverted (shy/outgoing) you are? YES 100% 4) Does acne affect the likelihood of you befriending a person? No, I actually feel MORE comfortable around people with acne and I'm more likely to befriend them. 5) Do you feel like acne affects how many friends you h
  2. Yasmin (and I'm pretty sure Yaz does too?) has roughly 25mg of a component similar to Spironolactone. I'm on Yasmin and while it initially shocked my skin a little bit, ultimately it has been a great pill for me. I also take Spiro in addition to Yasmin. Best of luck!
  3. Hi, I am on Renova. I have really blonde facial hair that isn't dark enough for laser hair removal. I just am very furry and I really want to remove the hair. Has anyone tried Threading? It sounds like the only option, but I'm a bit scared because I googled it and found some horror stories about the irritated red bumps it caused on some womens' faces. I'd love to hear some personal experience stories, or any other suggestions people have. Thanks!
  4. I recently started using their Hydrating B5 serum. I realllly like it as a moisturizer. I've also used their facewash - Simply Clean. I liked it too, but it became a little too drying once I started using Renova.
  5. I also think Renova would be a great choice for you. I've been using it for about a month now. I started by applying it every other night and now I've moved to nightly application. My face has gotten a little dry, but not bad at all once I moisturize. What I do is apply the Renova and then at least an hour later I will apply moisturizer. I'm using the 0.02% Renova, and I am pretty sure they have a 0.05% one too.
  6. Hi - My derm. gave me several retinoid samples. My skin is relatively clear thanks to Yasmin, Spiro and Cool Touch laser ... but I still have clogged pores and a pimple every now and then. I want to start a retinoid for maintenance purposes. I'm not in a hurry or anything so my main goal is to start simple/mild and then work up my skins tolerance. That being said ... I've decided to use Renova 0.02% for a month or two, then ease my way into RAM 0.04%. Does that sound like a good idea? I'm on
  7. Hey, I'm on Spiro and Yasmin. Nearing 3 months on Yasmin and I started at 25mg of Spiro for a month, then 50mg for 2 weeks, and now I'm at 100mg for about 2 weeks. I was wondering if any of you ladies who have cleared up from either Spiro and Yasmin - did you clear up everywhere on your face at once? Or did certain areas of your face clear up first, then another area, etc. ? I ask because I certainly see a decrease in oil. My forehead has cleared up nicely. But I'm having some issues with m
  8. I was wondering if a cortisone shot would be effective on a red bump that is left over from a hefty pimple. The pimple was large, red and angry (not cystic though) and I iced it and smothered it with Benzaclin. I never once squeezed it. It eventually went down. Now weeks later a painless bump has risen. Ugh I was hoping for some gold medal or something for not picking and instead i get this. Would a cortisone shot be appropriate for this situation? Does the bump mean there is still pimple crap u
  9. I've been using Finacea for 2 weeks. The first week my face was looking really good. Now it seems like my arch nemesis in life, the mini forehead bumps, are reappearing! I thought that Finacea didn't have an initial breakout? But then again I guess if it is clearing clogged pores, then this might be what is happening? Did anyone have a 'purging' phase with finacea?
  10. i kinda think it would just be easier to get your bc script from your gyno. my gyno seemed really knowledgeable about bc and acne and made it sound like it is something a lot of her patients ask about/for. the antibiotic might be good to keep around when you first start bc though because a lot of people have initial breakouts (i did on yasmin). so yep thats my 2 cents
  11. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I'm currently doing CoolTouch laser treatments and I think they really help. The area that it has helped the most with for me was my forehead - I had a lot of tiny microbumps from excess oil and after 3 treatments my forehead went back to being normal smooth skin. So yeah I just wanted to let you know that I recommend it! And your Derm sounds like an angel!
  12. Hi everyone, I know I've read good things on some posts about the Aqua Glycolic cleanser. Did anyone who uses this cleanser have an initial 'purging' breakout from it? Or was it pretty much smooth sailing? I'm thinking about switching from Cetaphil Normal-Oily to Aqua Glycolic, but I don't want to mess my face up any more than it already is. Thanks in advance!
  13. hi! i just wanted to let you know that i love reading your uplifting/inspiring log. you should probably write a book. also i really like that golf ball/pebbles/sand/coffee story. keep on keepin' on, i'm cheering for ya
  14. You should go see an Endocrinologist. Like what one of the above posters said - your Endo will most likely run a lot of blood tests for different hormones. Unlike the above poster, I have excess cortisol and dheas which is causing my acne. But anyway, a basic hormonal profile will give you a good idea as to whats going on with your body. And there are a lot of different medications that can be used to treat the unbalanced hormones. There are a handful of anti-androgen drugs, including Spiro, b
  15. sensitivity to hot and cold is a commonly a sign of an endocrine problem. you should talk to your gyno about this and get your hormones tested. it would probably be good to see an endocrinologist, but you might need a referral from your gyno ...