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  1. I have been on Differin .1 for 5 months and my skin is still not clear. It has cleared up significantly from when i started, but I still get a pimple almost every day. After month 3, my skin has remained the same, not getting better at all. I am going to the derm next week and i want to try a stronger retinoid, but i dont know which to try. I haven't heard many good things about retin a micro, so i am more drawn to differin .3 and tazorac. I'm just scared to try them because my skin is really se
  2. what about if you wear makeup to go out at night?
  3. At the beginning did you have very dry skin? I use tons of jojoba oil and moisturizer. i use NHSL at night and cetaphil. I exfoliate using the method you talked about with the jojoba oil.
  4. I have been on the regimen for about 2 months. My skin is very flaky and peely, yet i use jojoba oil, moisturizer, etc. I feel like this may just be a phase and that once all the peely skin comes off, my skin will be clear and smooth. Is this just a theory? Does everyone go through a period of extremely dry skin and then gradually it gets less dry? or am i doomed?
  5. All you have to do to get your daily dose of Vitamin D is drink milk. Milk is fortified with vitamin D. Being out in the sun is not necessary.
  6. Would you guys recommend I keep using it once a day? Or should I wait until I am farther into the regimen?
  7. I am 5 weeks into the regimen and just added in neutrogena healthy skin lotion (night) last night. I added cetaphil lotion on top because i could tell that the neutrogena lotion would not be hydrating enough. This morning my skin is more flaky than usual. Is that normal? I was hoping the AHA would get rid of my flakes, not add more.
  8. it's a little of both. When I put on the BP it starts to sting a little and turn red. Then the moisturizer makes it burn more and get more red. I have tried other moisturizers though, like complex 15, and they all make it burn and red too.
  9. I've been on the regimen for 5 weeks and upped to the full finger of BP about a week ago. Whenever I apply the BP and moisturizer my skin gets really red. It calms down after awhile, but it still remains a little red all day. In the morning when i wake up, it looks great, but as soon as i put on the BP it is red again! My skin is getting clearer and less dry, but the redness sucks... is this normal? How long does the redness last? I use jojoba oil and cetaphil moisturizer and dan's cleanser and
  10. Anyone use shea butter as a moisturizer on the regimen? Ive heard good things, but im scared that it will make me break out
  11. Yeah, it does seem to burn when i put on the cetaphil, but i was using complex 15 for awhile and it burned more and turned even redder. I need a really heavy moisturizer right now, so i am at a loss for what other moisturizer to buy
  12. I've been on the regimen for 4 weeks and just upped to the full finger length of BP. My face is not overly dry (because i use lots of cetaphil and jojoba) but whenever i apply the BP and moisturizer my face burns and turns bright red. it is really ugly looking and embarressing! i kno i need to use the full amount of BP cuz my skin is getting clear, but i look like a lobster!! i dont want to change products, but is this normal?? Will my skin adjust and burn less?
  13. I am on my fourth week of the regimen and my skin seems to be adjusting pretty well. I am still very flaky and my skin does get red when i apply my cetaphil moisturizer over the BP, but it is a lot less irritated than it was in the beginning. I am using about 3/4 a finger for most of my face and I think i may stay at that amount. I am wondering when I should add in an AHA moisturizer? A few weeks ago I put some AHA on as a spot treatment and it wasnt effective at all. the pimple turned BRIGHT re