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  1. Hey Dan thanks for the reply here are a few pics of each side of my face I’ve been on the Acne.org regimen for a few weeks now here are a few current photos of my skin I suffer on my cheeks and jaw line mostly with hyperpigmentation scarring
  2. My face just feels how it looks I guess. It feels tired it’s hard to explain like my skin just doesn’t feel rejuvenated. My eyes feel heavy and low. My skin often has this tingling feeling. I get sleep yet I do suffer from hormonal acne and I stress a lot but I meditate and do yoga. I’ve been having this feeling for years. Does anybody else have this issue or any suggestions for me. thank you
  3. Hey guys, I've been on the Acne.org treatment for a little over 2 months and I know this is expected but my skin is super super dry. I mean it feels like sand paper! I was curious to know if anybody uses natural shea butter as a moisturizer with the cleanser and treatment? I was thinking about swaping out the acne.org moisturizer for the shea butter. It always worked for my skin. I stopped using two pumps because during the day my skin would be super oily and I wear makeup to hide my hy