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  1. Jules.

    Skin Updates

    Start: Dec 2007. Treating acne the natural way, or doing the best I can anyway.
  2. I was at the grocery store earlier today and read the box of this "lactose-intollerance therapy!" stuff. Do you think that stuff is just similar to Lactaid? Probably wouldn't do much for those who are actually allergic, eh? I was almost tempted to get it in hopes that it would. I hate the way I look and feel after having a dairy product, and I'm with you on the cravings thing, I start craving dairy so bad after a few weeks and then have the same stuff to deal with. What the heck is this mercu
  3. I have PCOS and definitely understand hormonal imbalances and how it affects everything, especially skin. I eat very well and exercise more than enough, as well as take natural supplements and drink purified water all day long. However, because of the hormone imbalances, my body is extremely sensitive to a lot of things. If the testosterone in my body is raised just by a small bit, my skin will break out horribly. I have done birth control before and both times got off after a few months. My bod
  4. haha I think it's funny that you think pee is so gross. Everybody pees. My pee does the same thing from my vitamins, but only with high quality vitamins. I take it as a good sign and a reminder that I either have or have not taken my vitamins.
  5. I was tested today for allergies/sensitivities to foods and was pleasantly surprised to see that I do just fine with rice. Sadly, though, my body doesn't tolerate most foods. It's a very individual thing, you should get tested for food allergies, they could run a rice test with it.
  6. I definitely relate to you in most of what you talked about. I have too much testosterone in my body, along with plenty of other hormonal imbalances. My digestion has serious problems too, the only things that work for me are caffeine + a lot of cardiovascular exercise + more than the required amount of water. Not even laxatives or fiber supplements do anything to help my system out, they just bloat me, and if they do happen to work, it's an extra day or two more than it is supposed to be. I w
  7. Steam room!!!! Or steam in general. That is the only thing that works for me. If I get to the steam room at least 2 times a week while massaging my skin with my fingertips, all of that dryness/dullness/flakiness goes away (If I'm steaming long enough) and then other products will work properly.
  8. For an update on all this . . . I stopped taking the birth control, stopped the estrogen and progesterone.. And my boobs are back to their small A size. hahah. This is a good thing, I couldn't stand the larger breasts. Maybe once I have kids and start nursing.
  9. How long did it take you before you saw your skin significantly start clearing?
  10. I am lactose intollerant and have weird reactions to all sorts of things. However, I'm not sure if peanut butter and/or nuts are a problem for me. Though the other day I had quite a few almonds and the next day my skin's texture was worse and my face looked fatter and redder. I had also eaten some jam that had sugar in it, which is something I tend to avoid. That night I also had a 24oz. lo-carb monster energy drink. I get bloated like a mother when I have peanut butter or almonds, which I think
  11. I wouldn't use phytoestrogens as hormone therapy. Phytoestrogens might actually lower your body's production of estrogen. @cashflow: organic cow's milk still has some hormones--the milk from any animal does--but it won't have any added hormones. However, this is of limited benefit. When makers add rBST to milk, most of it is destroyed during pasteurization and digestion. Organic milk still has iodine, lactose, and casein, and so it will still likely break you out. However, it might not. So y
  12. What if you are insanely low on estrogen? I can't tell if soy is a problem, I don't think it is. I drink it about as much as almond milk now, because I know I need more estrogen. Would you say drinking soy would be good or bad?
  13. I take them. My digestive system sucks most of the time and the digestive enzymes help quite a bit. Also helps my skin, but hand-in-hand with what I'm eating, sleep, hormones, etc.