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    I love to read. I love friends. I love to go to the beach. I am loud. The college typical.
  1. I have been using the 10% serum for almost three months, and I still get some flaking. It made my acne worse when I first started using it, but I remembered that it will get worse before it gets better. Also, Vivi, who introduced Nucelle to me, got her results in five months. This stuff takes time, so give it some time.
  2. i get facials and it does help. Deep cleans and all. =) not all salon's and clinic's have the same facial names, so I duno what a Crystal Clear facial is.
  3. im sorry Release the Stars. Thanks anyway! Thanks Calla!!
  4. Welcome to the site!

  5. sorta kinda the new girl.

  6. vaseline, in the little tub, is a very good moisturizer--for your feet, for your lips, elbows--extremely bad for face! one of my friends was told to put on vaseline on her face when she was like twelve by a stupid bully. chyea, she broke out major! Don't do it. a great moisturizer would be Murad's Skin perfecting lotion. The best, I think, out there. The moisturizer I am using (check my signature) is almost the same and with SPF.
  7. Keish


    some pictures of me.
  8. eww lol, dang! I hope you put some type of toner or serum after you do that, or you'll break out from leaving all those pores exposed.
  9. does the company sell some type of serum or whatnot for the eyes? I don't think it would be very hurtful if you put the product from the capsule under the eye, just don't go crazy in that area though. Thats a very sensitive spot.
  10. If SA slows down cell turnover, and MA increasing cell turnover..am I just defeating the purpose??? eeek!
  11. go to an infra-red (SP?) sauna, not a steam room. When you sweat you are literally cleaning out your pore of the gunk. The sweat is pushing most of the stuff to the surface. But you must make sure to wash your face after being in the room AND THEN rinse with cold water to close pores. I go the the gym just for the sauna lol. It feels good too.
  12. have you been taking it WITH food??