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  1. No it does not. It should help clear your skin by drying them out. It could be hormonal.
  2. My skin is not 100% clear yet. I still have some blackheads on my nose that are taking longer to go away. Breakouts have been very minimal over the past few months. If a pimple shows up I just put BP on it at night and in a few days it is gone.
  3. NeoStrata has an excellent moisturizer. I am not sure you will be able to buy it at a drugstore though. It is not that expensive online and shipping is quick. Try amazon marketplace.
  4. You are saying the site is new so the product is crap? Sorry, I dont see the logic in that.
  5. I have no idea what you are trying to say. That just says when the site's web hosting expires.
  6. I am not a sales person and am not advertising this product. You reallydo not have to try it. I created this thread because it is something I found that wirks for ME and I thought it could be helpful to OTHERS. If you do not want to read what I have to say just leave and take your negative comments somewhere else.
  7. I had pretty bad acne. I got breakouts all the time aswell as during my cycle. I don't think my breakouts were more severe at any given time, it would just vary everytime I got them. I don't know if my acne was hormonal but ClearComplex helps alot with breakouts. I think if you take it regularly your breakouts that you get during your cycle will be alot less severe. Hope that helps.
  8. It contains vitamins and minerals in very bioavailable forms, so your skin should improve by taking clearcomplex alone. Where did you read that its main purpose is to help your body absorb other vitamins and minerals better?
  9. No, I never took antibiotics for my acne. I did take regular zinc tablets for about a year and a half before taking ClearComplex but not with it.
  10. Here's what I think about this product and/or others that come with it. If you look at pricesexposed Acnexus, Lipovox, Juliet's 3-step organic acne kit, biodermazen, and on-the-spot acne treatment I believe those are all made by the same place. I also would not trust products that do not even have a reputable site, other than ebay.
  11. Make sure you see a good one. There are websites where you can get recommendations for good doctors.
  12. I agree with you Sumlite. I think part of the reason why it works so well is that is split into 4 tablets so that your body utilizes the vitamins and minerals completely, and because of what they are sourced from. Woodard, I don't think it has been available online that long.
  13. Thank you raleans. The first picture was taken in the beginning of July, and I had just finished my two month supply of ClearComplex when I made the first post.
  14. Ditzos, I've never tried Acnezine but from looking at their website it appears that it only contains two active ingredients which is 20iu vitamin E and 50mg vitamin C. ClearComplex contains 42IU vitamin E, 200mg zinc picolinate (equivalent to 40mg elemental zinc), and 80mcg selenium. It comes in a bottle with 120 tablets, and serving size is 4 tablets per day. I guess it releases better into the body by splitting it up into more tablets instead of making you take just 1 a day. Ryudoadema, I