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  1. Loose powder is better than pressed one for oily skin (as far as I know). Because pressed powders contain waxy things that keep their shape. Loose powder "sets" makeup and minimizes shine, but doesn't add coverage as much as pressed powders. I use The Body Shop Loose Powder and it really controls shine very well and it's not expensive
  2. Hi, Do you know any bronzing powders that's suitable for combo/oily skin and have matte finish? Please write all the brands that you know (from L'oreal to Estee Lauder...etc.)because I don't have brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown..etc around... Thanks
  3. L'oreal Volumious is one of my favorites. Oriflame Volume Maximising Mascara is also excellent and cheap. Using Oriflame Lash Conditioner before applying Volumious gives excellent results For Oriflame Lash Conditioner click here: http://www.oriflame.co.uk/prod/catalog/Sku...lourOriflameEye Melissa
  4. First of all I'm happy to see men are also interested in cosmetic stuff... You can use a transparent mascara like this one: Oriflame- Clear Lash Conditioner New, improved dual function brush with longer bristles on one side to comb and shape eyebrows, shorter bristles on the other side to give extra definition to lashes. Gel formula contains panthenol to condition and strengthen your lashes as you wear it. 8ml. How To Use: Stroke mascara brush from the roots to the ends of lashes or bru
  5. I also love makeup I stopped using foundation for a while but these are some of the things in my makeup bag: Foundations: Lancome- MAQUIMAT ULTRA NATUREL 01 Beige Albatre matches my skin color exactly. This foundation is very good for shine control but coverage is too bad... Maybelline- Wonderfinish (in Sand) It's oil free and non-comedogenic, also gives medium coverage. Powders: The Body Shop- Loose Face Powder (in 01 Poudre Libre) I love this, absorbs oil well, color doesn't chan
  6. Maybelline Wonderfinish is good and very cheap.
  7. Maybelline Illusion compact powder has never broken me out, and coverage is fine. It also controls shine.
  8. I don't like clinique foundations (liquid ones, i haven't tried the compacts). But I've just bought Instant Perfector concealer, it seems to work good. They tried to sell me their skin care products (cleanser, tonic, for oily skin...etc) but i don't trust on their products.
  9. skincarefanatic- thank you for your reply I tested, Shiseido Pureness Matifying Compact Oil-Free, on my hand only as I had another foundation on my face and i was in a hurry. It's texture is good, but it doesn't seem to have great coverage. I'll go and test it on my face soon. Chanel is too expensive but it has full coverage as far as i know. But as you said it leaves skin oily, it seems that it's not suitable for me. Thanks again.
  10. Yes you can! I also use BP (tinted) before foundation or powder sometimes and I have no problem.
  11. Hi, My skin is oily and I'm looking for a full coverage compact for oily skin which controls shine well and has full coverage. (I don't have Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier shop around so I can't buy these brands) I searched for a compact and now I need your suggestions about these: 1-CHANEL, DOUBLE PERFECTION COMPACT MATTE REFLECTING POWDER MAKEUP Soft, smooth texture ensures easy application for a naturally radiant, matte complexion. Light-reflecting pigments minimize the appearance of li
  12. EL foundations coverages are great but they are so pinkish...I have a yellow base
  13. At 14 I started using compact powder it was very cheap and bad but matched my skin colour so good. 2 years ago I stared using foundation and powder together.. I'm 22 now
  14. I haven't put any foundation on my face for the last 20 days. I use tinted Benzoil Peroxide cream that treats acne and hides my red scars... My skin is better now it's also controls oil