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  1. Hi Sheryllynn, I have one more follow up question for you. i have ended up having to have the bump i have injected with cortizone a couple of times now and it has gone down and unfortunaetly has created an indent, which i am told can flatten out in time. its been about 3 1/2 weeks since the cortizone injection and i was wondering for you, you said you had your bump or bumps injected with cortizone aswell, how much time would pass before it came back? i ask because i am hopefull that this tim
  2. can anyone here describe the difference between a granuloma and a cyst? is a granuloma more of a hard mass and a cyst being a sac? whatever i have flattened out when my derm shot it with cortizone and then popped back up when i played with it. my derm said a granuloma wouldnt go up and down like that, which indicates to him that its a cyst that developed from the injection.
  3. ylem, you said it went away? how long did it take to go away and did it go away without the use of cortizone or any other treatment?
  4. sheryllynn, thanks for all the info.. one last question, you said it wasnt done in small ammounts, like today, so maybe that contributed to your nodules, but do you know what grade of silicone was used...was it medical grade like the stuff today is supposed to be? and how soon after your injections did you notice the granulomas? and, other than the nodules, you havent noticed any other problems that you suspect are caused by the silicone...anything imunological...headaches, rashes, mental prob
  5. SevasTra, you said yours went compltely flat the came back? was it a cyst you were treating. i ask because i had silicone injections done about 2 months ago and developed ahard bump under the skin about a month later. my derm shot it with cortizone and it too went down all the way, although still reddish on the skins surface. its still much flatter but seems to have plumped a bit. so my question, is this up and down action common for run of the mill pimples/ and or cysts? im trying to dete
  6. you know, i am no expert, but try some apple cider vinegar. get the kind that says with the mother on the bottle. i would dillute with water (50/50) atfirst cos some skin sensative. its good at killing bacteria. good luck. i use it along with proactive for my black heads and it works for me.
  7. hello all. i had my first silicone injections done about 2 months ago. i noticed a hard lump in just one of the 6 spots, beneath the skin about a month later. my derm shot it once with contizone and over a week it went down and the reddish color on the skins surface faded aswell. as you guys know alot more about silicone and the effects...nodules, granulomas, etc, i have a few questions to help maybe put me at ease. one, has anyone hear had any effects like this from their silicone injectio
  8. sorry, tricia, one more question. how soon after the injection did you notice it and how long before it went away? and how long how is been since it went away? thanks again.
  9. since you have had silicone, i guess you are good to ask questions. forgive all the questions. you say you have a nodule from silicone? did they occur in all the spots you had injected or just the one? how soon after your injection did you notice it? you say you tried cortizone and the other stuff and they didnt help? being that mine did almost fully recede and is much smaller after the cortizone, does that imply to you that perhaps mine in not a nodule? and tricia, you said you had a l
  10. hello all. I had one injection of sillikon 1000 about 2 months ago. about a month after, i developed a hard bump in one of the spots (one of about 6). the doc who injected me ofcourse tried to explain it away as coincidence, but i havent had a cyst like that in almsot 6 years. anyways, my regular derm injected it with cortizone and about a week later it all but flattened out, although still discolored on the skin surface. we opted to not do a second cortione shot as it looked to be going aw
  11. what do you mean cortisone works for nodules that are inflamation? is there a difference between nodules and inflamation from nodules? are they different and how, and whats the treatment for both? thanks.
  12. i had my first session of silicone injections, abut 5 spots, and one spot developed a nodule. its popped up about 5 weeks after i got the injection. i got a cortisone shot about 2 days ago and hopefully it will not have to be cut out. can anyone who developed any nodule granulomas from silicone give me some feed back. should i expect that the other spots will also develope nodules or have any of you had multiple injections and have only one of them develope a nodule? also, did you continue
  13. well, this is my first post here and it comes because i had silicone injection done about a month and change ago and woke up last week to find a cyst in one of the spots injected. none of the other spots so far have erupted and i pray to anyone out there listening they dont. i havent had a cyst in the 10 or years since taking accutane, just in case some of you might be thinking its not necessarily a result of the silicone. it is. i had the silskin 1000 and had a experienced doctor perform th