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  1. no insurance: first two visits - $75 next ones - $50 + I got samples which are worth about $150 just look for the cheaper ones, and cheaper it doesnt mean crappier
  2. g-691

    accutane log

    day 12 my face has "worsen" but nothing really bad, my face is less oily which is good, I even had to use a little bit of moisturiser at the morning. I wanted to stop it, but i said to myself if i want to be free of that crap i have to contiune, and also if I want to get laid again I have to take it.
  3. of course computer causes acne (at least the mild/moderate ones) Just look around! I take 2 computer classes and majority of people have acne there, wher in the other classes people have normal skin, its hard to admit it but its true
  4. Since I thnik Im experiencing serious side effects(sometimes I feel pain in my intrnal organs) from accutane I decided to stop it. I bought Clavaris for $220 and there was 30 capsules. I have 20 left. There are 2 "boxes" and each contains 10 capsules (if you ever had clavaris you know what im talking about), they are unopened. I just want my money back that I spend for it. So the price is: $220/30 = $7 per capsule so it gives $140 per 20 capsules. Even if you are planning to take it on your ow
  5. g-691

    accutane log

    day 4 nothing much except, that at about 3pm i felt one strong pain in my heart, it subsided, and now im feeling fine, im a little bit scared that something might happened. I predict that I will finish my course earlier b/c of fear of side effects :/ , and im kinda scared(of side effects)
  6. g-691

    accutane log

    day 3 when i woke up i noticed that my skin is redder, and i got few whiteheads, nothing really bad, thats it and my throat is a little bit dry
  7. g-691

    accutane log

    day 2 nothing new, besides that I had problems to make a shit, but then I realised that I dont feel like I have to do a crap. now everything is normal. btw. My derm gave for free benzamyclin on the spot but I since I started accutane, im not gonna use it. Also one month ago, She gave my DORYX, when I checked the price Its worth around $150. I have a good derm\ EDIT: I had a little headache, but now i dont have it. And i felt little stomachache.
  8. g-691

    accutane log

    day 1 (i got some problems in getting to my doctor, car and stuff like that) I just took my first pill, its 20mg/day
  9. g-691

    accutane log

    thanks Im 18 btw. I forgot to tell that this will cost me each month: $75 for visit $80 for labs about $250 for pills so around $415/month but I think its worth it
  10. short: i have acne for 2 years, i would say mild/moderate i tried(besides OTC drugs, and so called "supplements" which I believie is bullshit) azalex, retin-a, benzamycin, tertacycilne, most of them helped, but my skin got so red, and it was the same as having acne. i wieght 176pounds Tomorrow im going to get accutane, I have blood tests and everything is ready. I think I will be on 20 or 40mgs and thats it so today is day -1
  11. how much do you weight and Tell me what is your current dosage. You started from 40mg Im going to see the derm(make apointment or straight to him) and I will demand accutane. My acne isnt that bad, as it was before, but my face is so oily, and pores are huge. I used following things: benzol peroxide benzamyclin + tetracycilne retin a azalex right now I use: swimming pool(one hour a day), working out, steam room(10minutes/day sometimes less) I think I'll qualify for it even that my skin isnt
  12. dont listen to this idiot he wants to sell that fucking book, can someone BAN his IP address so he wont bug this forum again?