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  1. I'm going through something similar. He has seen pictures of me and have been texting/emailing all day. Just scared that he will recoil in horror at my scars. But good luck, and i'm sure he will like you!
  2. I recently split up from my boyfriend of over a year. During this time I rarely thought about my scarring. Now that I am alone, I am getting down again looking at myself in the mirror. I have two choices: 1) Get back with my ex but be miserable. 2) Not get back with my ex but still be miserable alone! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My confidence is back to zero and seeing all the pretty boys and the perfect skin brigade does not help!
  3. I think scarring was the least of MJ's worries!
  4. I would too! I do not have the right to judge anyone else, would be a bit hypocritical!
  5. I use Clinique Scruffing lotion no. 4.5 for very oily skin which I have! It has reduced the size of my pores but does dry my skin out.
  6. Thanks everyone! x x x I'm not expecting too much so rejection will be easier to take!
  7. After what feels like years, I finally have a date this Sunday. I'm in a mixed state of mind. The first being absolute happiness but the second is fear of rejection because of the way I look with my scarring. I hope it's not sunny as this will accentuate my scars.
  8. This is me to a tee! I'm glad i'm not the only one. How can anyone avoid mirrors, it's impossible. I have to look at myself in every light going which in effect will gauge my mood. I hate being like this and puts me off dating. Why would they want to be someone who lokks like they are audtioning for the Phantom of the Opera?
  9. I try to avoid the sun at all times, even today it is sunny and my Sister and her friend asked if I wanted to go for a walk with them, but I said no as my scars will show up clearly in the sun. It gets me down all the time and I feel stupid for hiding away. It's like I have SAD in reverse!! I am getting better with this as I have lived with it for years now and I know that I have to go out sometimes!
  10. Stitch

    Peter's skin

    My lovely skin!
  11. Has anyone else noticed when you are looking at a picture of yourself on your laptop, and you move your screen part up and down, your skin looks worse? I saw a picture of myself and I thought that it was not too bad, but then moved the screen down and shown all the loveliness of my skin!!!!
  12. I don't think I can ever accept my scarring. I have good days where I just get on with my life, but then I have bad days where I want to curl up into a ball and hide.
  13. Don't call it make up, call it cosmetic products (more manly grrrrrrr! lol) I wear concealer, that is very very pale as it is less noticeable on my skin tone. No one has noticed yet and I will always wear it. Just go for it!!!