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  1. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1076682/000149315218003132/ex99-1.htm It looks like there's some pictures from human patients in here.
  2. @thepwhisp I can't believe it's so difficult to find a doctor in Boston of all places lol. That doctor in Providence looks like a great find though, thanks for sharing. I'm south of Boston anyway so a trip to Providence would be less than an hour on a good day, which isn't too bad, still not ideal though. I also found this place with a quick google search, I haven't called or anything but their website seems promising. Skin Care Physicians [Link Removed] I'll try to keep you updated whatever I
  3. I was looking through the list BA put up but I didn't see any. If any one has any experience getting, or knows any doctors who perform subcision, TCA cross, or infini etc. in or around Boston and have a good reputation I would love to hear about them. I feel like there should be at least a few with such a large medical community but I'm having trouble finding anything. Thanks in advance!