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  1. I never go for comfort. I only ever wear high heels or high heeled boots in the winter.
  2. I would definitely have braces. You can always get braces placed behind your teeth, so you can't see them. There are also ceramic braces, which you can't notice when compared to the traditional metal ones. I had braces when I was about 17 and got them off when I was 19. I've had them off for a couple of years now and only stopped wearing my retainer last year. It was definately worth it, best thing I ever did.
  3. Well I've finished my course of accutane (yah), but have been left with red marks on my cheeks. I was hoping they would have disappeared by now, as I've had no active acne for about three months. I'm going to the Gold Coast next week and was hoping the marks were gone so I didn't have to wear make-up. I hate these marks and they make me feel so hideous sometimes. Any way I know it take months to heal, but are there any products which can fade the red marks? Also can you ever completely get rid o
  4. happy 29th birthday. hope you get everything you want.

  5. yep exams are over! now to relax for 4 months. good luck with your exams

  6. I'm sure you are, but I'd rather find out myself ;)

  7. im not as good as they say i am. im better.

  8. I have used the payot skin care range and it was fantastic. I was on the range for oily/combination skin. It made my skin glow. Unfortunately I broke out and now I use clean & clear, which is recommended by my dermatoligist. Once I finish my course of accutane though I'm back on payot. I never tried the blemish cream, but my friend tried a blemish cream by Jurlique and she now swears by it. I must admit her skin is clear.
  9. i know a way..... and if you're a good boy you may get something extra :D

  10. haha ill be 29 in a few weeks, maybe we could figure out a way to both get presents.. ;)

  11. God 28 you're over the hill darling. lol! only joking. besides I like older guys. thanks for the birthday wish. so, do I get a present? ; )

  12. Hi hun. thanx for the comment! Nah I don't really feel old now I'm 22.

  13. Hi. Hope your exams went well. Mine are soon. :(