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  1. In the last few days, Ive thought of him alot. I didnt know Marc at all, but I read all of his posts. This was a great guy. He always wished everyone "good luck" and included a lot of humor in his posts. I have thought about what he possibly was telling us through his passing. He definately had a message for us to deliver. My opinion is, we can best make Marc's passing more meaningful by sharing his story with our dermatologists/plastic surgeons. We have all run across those Dr.s that we bel
  2. I also had a derm tell me that I should wait 2 years after accutane before undergoing any scar correction procedures..Ive had other derms tell me 6 months...the guy who told me 2 years (Bielinski in Chicago) said I will find plenty of people that will tell me differently but he was certain that 2 years was the right time frame. :-k
  3. My philosophy is...we have to "prove" ourselves all the time to people as opposed to clear skinned people who will get the benefit of the doubt, so yes I feel we are treated differently. However, I also believe we can overcome some of the discrimination by trying to remain positive and show some self confidence.
  4. Barb..Im also in the Chicago area. I identify with your frustration with your old derm. I also had a derm repeatedly prescribe me antibiotics which I have taken for years until about a month ago. I went to Dr Jacob in Skokie who told me to immediately get off of them. I wonder if we can talk sometime about the derms we've seen and the things theyve told us.
  5. Yea hang in there . I go through it everyday..hopefully its made me stronger plus im going for subcision soon.
  6. Thats what makes this site great..people can share views that differ. Personally, accutane worked for me as far as clearing my ance. Obviously, this regimen has also worked for many others. I applaud Freaky for honestly pointing out that it may not work for everyone and I applaud Dan for being selfless enough to share what worked for him.Freedon of speech is a great thing.
  7. Jessica, The subcision Im having next week will cost me $800 plus a $150 consult fee.
  8. Thanks LAET and Ours fan for your suggestions. I hope things are going well for both of you.
  9. Claire i totally identify with your post. It seems I spend 90% of my waking hours thinking about my face and looking in mirrors. Sometimes I'll find a mirror with just the right lighting and I actually look presentable which raises my mood totally . Usually though the image reflected is just ugly. My self confidence is lowered to 0 and I don't want to go out or do things with friends. There is support and hope on this forum though. Hang in there. Jake.
  10. Jessica I believe I have the same type you do. I have actually also had 3 rounds of accutane, which I was very happy with in terms of controlling new acne. Unfortunately it doesnt do anything for scar healing. I am confident that as time goes on, better and more affordable techniques will be developed. This forum will help you as well..I actually have a procedure scheduled in 2 weeks from a DR recommended to me on this site. I feel your pain but keep fighting and stay as positive as possible. W
  11. Thanks Maya..I will give that a try...
  12. Maya..I was wrong to judge you without knowing you. I apologize.
  13. Thanks Hols..Im hopeful as well..Are you happy with yours? She is the first derm who has said she only needs 1 session to get this done..all the other ones said 3-4 session. Plus her price seems fair. Although the consult fee was kind of high I thought $150. Thanks again Hols!
  14. ben was one of the few people to take time to respond to my post..maybe some of you dont like the manner in which he responds..but he has a big heart.