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  1. which brush does everyone use here? and most importantly, how can i keep my brush clean so im not rubbing bacteria back onto my skin? btw im in california thanks!
  2. mine is about 3/8th of an inch wide. i dipped my toothpick into the solution then covered the entire area w/out lifting the toothpick once. i gently moved it around (dont push hard, all u need to do is let the surface of the scar come into contact with the solution). i treated all of my scars once, then went over the ones that did not froast again, and some, again, and again. btw i even treated the really small scarred pores (meaning i probably touched the sides and over of the scars w/the sol
  3. 2 years? that's awesome. im guessing that would be about 10 cross sessions..more chances for the scars to fill up =) is there an expiration date for 100% tca cross solution? mine is several months old and im wondering if i should toss it and buy a new one when it hits one year..
  4. no i did not break my skin but i did make sure i touched the surface of my scars i treated scarred pores, ice picks, and one rolling scar (that's the one that's almost flast, but wide right? if it is, cross worked very well on it) you wont receive big results with a single session..the little results of each session eventually add up. i dont think any of my scars have completely closed up but some are very close, and they did lighten/shrink/fill up and my cheeks are more even in texture now. t
  5. HELLOOOO! =D im back after my long break from this forum, and i recently did my 3rd TCA cross (7 weeks after my 2nd cross) the results? things get better and better w/each cross =D i was scared and wasnt sure how to do it the first time, but now that i did it three times, i would like to share 2 tips with you guys -wipe the parts of the skin that you want to treat with alchohol. oil and dirt are not your friend when doing tca cross -poke the scar w/toothpick until the scar frosts. if it doesn
  6. ^i did a full face tca peel with 12.5% (i did two to three layers to safely increase the strength) and loved it! the downtime is longer and worse in my opinion than that of a cross and it's at least a week and couple days. you will have a dead layer of skin that is colored reddish brown like you've been burned so you'll look blotchy and your skin will look leathery. if your post-tca look like mine, you would be too embarrassed to let strangers look at you, let alone leave the house! makeup will
  7. im not sure if it was the alcohol or the fact that it was my second time doing this, but i scabbed already so i won't be applying the antibacterial ointment anymore. my skin doesnt look any different except that there are brown dots and most of my scars actually look bigger but im not worried bc that's what happened the first time and they shrank back down with time. oh, i forgot to mention i accidently touched my skin with my finger that had acid on it due to holding the bottle and i immediatel
  8. Hi! Just wanted to update you guys. It's been a month and couple days since my first cross and I did my second today, and the treated spots frosted so much better and my skin turned more red than the first time. My scars were more shallow when I did my first treatment, but I needed more improvements so I did my second. What I did differently this time is that I cleaned my problem areas with alcohol, and applied an antiointment cream after the cross. Tomorrow is Sunday so I can stay home all day
  9. i love how we're all going through the cross together..helpful to read how other ppl are doing. im applying retin a micro on my skin right now and am experiencing a little bit of purging. i honestly don't think ppl will be that satisfied with just one treatment of cross..wanted to say this so ppl won't be too disappointed with it and give a second cross treatment a try. are three months is a good wait period to do another cross?
  10. hi!! sorry ive been late on my reply..been kinda busy! first of all, im doing good if anyone was wondering =) i still have scars, but they've been smoothed out and few have closed up. the texture of my cheeks have improved some more, and some scars are still pink (does this mean my scars will fill up more?), but i think ill need another cross treatment, and hopefully the ice picks will fill up even more the 2nd time. there were improvements, but not enough. i will for sure post here again when
  11. ^thanks i wonder how suzincarolina and scarredforever are doing??
  12. i would use retinol after the peel or the cross (when your skin has healed itself from the treatments so i would say about seven days after) to stimulate more collagen production. how long you use retinol from then on would be up to you since you said you don't really suffer from acne and clogged pores anymore..you know your skin the best. here's a warning for you though..some go through a purging process when they first use a retinol product and break out more than usual, but it should cease af
  13. what kind of skin/scars do you have, and do you still break out? what do you suffer from? clogged pores? cysts? tiny bumps? i struggled with clogged pores for yrs and still do (although i have way less clogged pores now), and i tried lots of products to clear them, and nothing worked better than a 12.5% tca, retinol or retinaldehyde product (used to treat acne and aging of the skin, and i think the two are the same thing, the only difference is how and at what rate they're distributed to the sk
  14. I don't see any scars on your face, just red marks, and since you don't have many inflammatory acne, I would say leave your skin alone and keep your pores clean. Don't use products that clog your pores, and keep your hands away from your face. visit the dermatologist if you're that worried about them, and maybe he/she can prescribe a product such as tazorac to combat the bumps (which im guessing are clogged pores).
  15. I'd ditch all the acids and harsh cleansers. I've used glycolic acid, salisic (sp?) acid (which I believe what the exfol serum is?), copper peptide, AHA lotion, and the list goes on and to be honest, they did not do anything for my skin. Nothing at all. You may be using too many products that are full of chemicals w/out any benefits, which, of course, is only stressing out your skin. I find that the only topical that works is a retinol or a retinaldelyde product (prescription or not, find what w