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  1. Update - I got tired of taking the ivermectin every few weeks, even though it was effective. After much research and thought I have realized that Big Pharma's explanation for why we get acne is true: it is a combination of clogged pores and bacteria. Most approaches try to either promote skin exfoliation and thereby minimize clogged pores (loofahs, salt rubs) , are antibacterial (antibiotics, antiseptics such as tea tree oil) , or both (aspirin rubs). Severe acne is treated via accutane whi
  2. Guys Sorry for the late reply - I stopped checking this forum after this horrible site redesign. My acne is pretty much 99% gone as long as I take maintainance doses of ivermectin every few weeks.
  3. Elaine, thanks so much for your input. You can see in my original post that I did try soaks (bleach, salt, and epsom [seperately]) but mine was not responding to it, although a lot of other people have had success - maybe milder cases These drugs are available in veterinary grade 99.9% purity online and in stores
  4. I have found the easiest way to take ivermectin (which I am buying in crystalline form) is to dissolve it in heated coconut oil and drink that, since it does not dissolve in water.
  5. I said I'd keep an update on maintainance therapy to keep the acne under control. I'm finding that I need a weekly dose of ivermectin to keep my acne under control.. Probably will be able to decrease the frequency over time.
  6. Ketoconazole 2% is a stronger version of Nizoral
  7. Read about demodex, its a underrated cause of acne and easily cureable
  8. 99f

    Butt Acne

    Happy to hear this worked for you. People have had success with salt baths and bleach baths. Wikipedia shows the skincare and healthcare / pharmaceutical sector is vehemently against MMS solution which in my opinion only speaks to its effectiveness.. Acne is a multi billion dollar industry and they want you to keep rubbing useless creams on yourself for $$$$.. I have cured my back/butt/body acne with medication but if I was still suffering from it I would strongly consider it
  9. Factors such as diet, stress, hormonal fluctuations, affect sebum production.. Mites eat sebum up like crack