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  1. After 2 weeks - powder dries up existing acne but doesnt prevent new acne from coming - will try it for another 2 weeks. But not really satisfied with results
  2. I just started Gold Bond Medicated body powder extra strength since i have really bad chest and back acne..on 2nd day..no results so far..hopefully i'll see results on this
  3. i've been having nose bleeds too but its all good 30 days in skin is getting better
  4. accutane, i've had acne since i was 15 as well and im turning 21 in june. i started accutane 3 weeks ago. Your post was pretty long, so i may have missed the part where you tried accutane. if u havent you should, the longer you wait to take it the more you'll regret not taking it sooner.
  5. using those two products didnt work for me, used acv for 6 or 7 months and pur deming for 3 months
  6. moisturize, your skin will get really dry and flaky. And if your on accutane and have acne then why worry bout breaking out more. Unless you were able to get accutane with very mild acne. If that's the case maybe if you did moisturize you wouldnt get acne in the first place.
  7. That quote about sums up my experiences with products that help "fade" redmarks -- Nothing seems to work. People like me suffer much more with the redmarks than the actual zits! Someone, anyone name a product that you can guarantee to significantly fade my redmarks - No more bio oil crap, apple cider vinegar, AHA lotions -- These things hardly do jack squat for me! All you users recommending them probably don't have a REAL redmark problem. If I find a product that really works well then I'll
  8. btw what did you do for your red marks? did they just fade naturally?
  9. i dont see acne... u have really good skin to me
  10. goodluck! i just started accutane today
  11. well unfortunately for me... my gp will only prescribe me accutane until it is initiated by a dermotologist... and now i have to wait til nov 28 for my appointment... omg
  12. your skin is not bad at all imo. mild, probaly a 2 out of 10...
  13. benzaclin for red marks? im not sure bout that one. I saw my derm and he prescribed me benzaclin for my acne, then i asked him what would he suggest for my red marks and he kept punchin me on my arm saying "you cant stop the bruising if you cant stop the punching" So i dont benzaclin is for red marks... definitely didnt help me