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  1. you won't know until you stop but in my experience it always comes back
  2. No dairy at all anymore. I did have a very poor diet before I changed 17 days ago so I'm really hoping that my skin just needs 6-8 weeks to improve, I saw that figure on a website somewhere. I guess if I have no improvement after two months then there's not much hope but that would be so frustrating! I really want this to work!
  3. Hello Seventeen days ago I completely changed my diet. No more foods that are obviously unhealthy such as chocolate and I haven't eaten any bread or rice. For breakfast I'll usually have an apple or banana, for lunch a salad, and for my main meal some kind of variation of many vegetables, red lentils, yellow split peas, sweet potato, tuna, or salmon. It hasn't helped at all, if anything my acne is worse and has culminated in a brand new big cyst right next to my nose - perfect timing, I'm sta