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  1. Stopping BP use was the best thing i did for my face. I finally became clear after 2 years of using BP once i stopped. My skin has tone now, it's soft and supple, and i don't spend 20 minutes gooping unnecessary amounts of BP on my face. I would advice everyone not seeing results after 2-3 months of BP use to give something else a try. Realistically, no treatment that's going to work should take that long.
  2. So im assuming linebackers experiment didn't go too well. I see no before and after pics. People who think masturbating is the cause of their acne are fools.
  3. If you think it's hormones, then i wouldn't use bp. BP really only helps when you know it's bacterial. I made that mistake. I would come on these forums see everyone raving about bp, so of course i figured it would have to work for me. I had been using for 2 years until i finally decided the BP isn't doing squat. I promptly took BP out of my regimen and low and behold i became clear.
  4. If the 10% isn't causing irritation, don't switch.
  5. Answer this last question, or i suppose anyone who believes this myth can. What about when you have a wet dream? Sense you don't masturbate you have to release that built up semen, am i right to assume you wake up with zits after a wet dream?
  6. Your obviously trying to prove something. So do it, with some real pictures. Can you provide a link to this study?
  7. Masturbation and sex actually release hormones, so if overproduction of hormones is your problem masturbation would likely help decrease acne. How bout this post a picture of your face as it is now, go masturbate and tomorrow post another picture. Edit: Also for those who believe stress is a factor in acne, masturbation and sex is one of the best stress relievers, therefor decreasing acne. I guess if anything one could make a much better argument for masturbation being a cure for acne. This
  8. Wow i think you have religion and science confused. Your entire post is full of fallacies. Explain how not masturbating helps acne. Please.
  9. I laugh at anyone who thinks masturbation or sex causes acne. LOL
  10. BP and SA do the same thing essentially, just in different ways. With that said, I think you should choose one or the other. I gave up BP when I started using BHA and I think it's a million times better. BP was way too drying and it made my skin really dull. If you want to keep using BP, try using it to spot-treat only instead of applying it to your entire face.
  11. BP and BHA together is THE best combination for acne. If it's overly irritating use less of each and make sure you use a moisturizer. They go perfect together because they do two different things to fight acne. BP kills P acnes and exfoliates the top layer of skin while the SA exfoliates inside the skin and unclogs pores. It's a perfect combination no matter what anyone on here says. Also, when you say together, you mean like at the same time, or something like BHA in the morning, BP at ni
  12. Do something with the money that actually helps people in need. Throwing $25,000 to research the correlation between diet and acne sounds, for lack of a better word, stupid.
  13. Just spraying your sheets and pillow case won't cause any problems.
  14. So I'm still waiting for proof that 2.5% is as effective but at the same time less irritating than 10% if anyone can come up with a link.
  15. Same here. 10% BP and 2% SA. Best thing i've ever done was combine the two. I apply BP first then SA, what do you apply first?
  16. Why would you wait a half hour? I apply mine after BP, about 5 minutes after cleansing.
  17. yea, bottom line is that the lesser strengths are just as effective as 10%. So, Dan doesn't feel any need to formulate anything stronger than 2.5%.
  18. Thanks, I found that one just before you posted it. That study only used 153 people, would like to find one using more. This is the other study I found. "These trials demonstrated no differences in efficacy among the various preparations based on lesion counts, and there was no dose-response effect (SOR: A). Erythema and scaling occurred with almost identical frequency with the 2.5% and 5% concentrations but more often with the 10% concentration. Thus, the 2.5% and 5% concentrations appear to
  19. I never understood the 2.5% BP is less irritating but just as effective as 10% BP arguement. You have to use 10 times more 2.5% as you do 10%. If your using 10 times more 2.5% as you would 10% it's just as irritating.
  20. For me, 10% BP + Sal Acid = Clear skin Say what you all want but this combination has cleared me. Neutrogena's 3 in 1 gel and Acne Frees 10% time released BP together have cleared me. It was irritating at first but once i found the right amount of each plus moisturizer i never looked back. For those who can handle it, BP and Sal Acid go awesome together.