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  1. dannym, i have no idea about it, i have been using nizoral 1% on it and it helps with drandruff but my hairloss is still going, im going to schedule an appointment with my doctor this week to see if i can blood work done and a referral to a dermatologist
  2. after taking Saw palmetto for a few weeks now i've noticed a decrease in hairloss which is interesting. Also does anyone have pimples on their scalp, i seem to have quite a few and wanted to know what could that mean?
  3. Yea, that's why anyone that want to go on accutane, please try everything else first and only go on it if your acne it really bad. because your going to lose your hair and acne will just return within a year and your hair will not.
  4. while reading the instruction booklet for the minox, i read that it will not help against, any disease or vitamin imbalance(taking too much vitamin A) it said that and i was like well accutane is pretty much vitamin A in high dose. but hopefully this works enough to bring enough hairs back so my scalp isnt visible, and now that summer is on its way it sucks even more. but my hair loss is def not natural, it happened to fast. I had a fairly good amount of hair you couldnt see my scalp even with s
  5. I'm three years post tane and still shedding disfusly i must add to which is def a sign of TE or similary not mpb, tho i do have the least hair on top, its only normal since that is where the hair is weakest in males. I started taking saw palmetto last week taking it everyday, 450mg of it i dont know for sure but seems i have been losing less hair. also using nizoral almost 1 1/2 of it, using it 1 or 2x weekly has improved my hair quality and texture its smoother and feels more healthy before i
  6. hay danny, thanks for you input. you are correct this is bullshit the derms know what is going on, they just don't say anything so you can keep going back to them every month for more accutane. and they say the hairloss would stop, well in a lot of cases it doesn't and that is something they should say. go on minoxidil it will help you regain hair and also keep hair till maybe this stuff resolved out of your system if it doesnt just stay on minox and u decide form there what route you want to ta
  7. hello volcom, As you are only 10 weeks out and have bad shedding and already thinned temples this is not so good. Most accutane users temples don't receed badly the first time around with accutane especially not 10 weeks of stopping. its a slow process for this to be removed out of your system. I reccomend just eating healthy get a protein shake (hair = protein) exercise for circulation also use nizoral shampoo 1 or 2 times weekly at most. dont want to over dry. your going to have to wait 6mont
  8. oli girl, when I go to the doctor, I ask to have my hormones checked or is there specific things i should ask for?
  9. I hope so volcom, im a lil scared because I took tane in 2006 for 6 months then 1 month in january of 2007. so it's been like 3 years since i had anything to do with tane. so i want to some how get this diagnosed if its te or regular mpb. I did take vitamin e for a few month 400ui of it everyday. and when i read that the body only needs 30ui a day i was again worried that that might be the reason, since vitamin e is fat soluable like accutane. just speculations. what you guys think, should i go
  10. I also wanted to ask, is it normal for me to be losing my hair so rapidly, just months ago i had alot more hair. is this a sign that it is TE or accutane induced. because guys i seen that are losing their hair have been losing it for a long time like its a slow process. Mine seems to be so quick.
  11. Hey mikey I'm almost at 2 months now with Minox extra strength and I'm starting to see really tiny hairs forming on my bald spots. I'm hoping they'll continue to grow haha. lol, sounds good that's weird that minoxidil seems to be working, do you think you might have some mpb also or just the TE from tane. Why would minoxidil work in this case. very weird. also i just ordered some minoxidil 6 months supply for only 25$ off of amazon.com had its the 5% extra strength, is that the one your usin
  12. thanks oli girl, i won't touch it then, today i got out of the shower and my hair was so thin you can see my scalp on top mostly. i have a feeling that its now mpb or a mixture but its so ridiculous that it happens so fast just 2 months ago i had alot more hair.
  13. Aren't we doing more damage than good if we avoid vitamin a? I know that accutane was basically that, but our body needs this. How bad would it be to take a multivitamin even if it contained vitamin a, 3,500UI of it. says that is only 75% of daily value amount.
  14. Really, I thought that omega 3 fish oil would help because its an anti inflammatory. Any pills besides fish oil you suggest. What i noticed since taking the fishoil pills is that my hair is more oily and my skin as well.