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  1. well before i started taking accutane my face actually had shape to it, im not chubby/obese, i'd say im pretty skinny for an 18 year old male. lately though ive found my face, or mainly my cheeks have become more chubby like? its hard to explain, but its like my face is bloated, my stomach and all the rest is normal/slim. could this be accutane related? its worrying me that im developing rather strange fat cheeks, a bit like a hamster so jokes aside please, anyone else had a bloated face? o
  2. hey yvette, thanks alot that sounds encouraging about the nose clogged pores, i too had a nose full of black/clogged pores for years with acne, i couldnt feel them though, only see them. since taking accutane they have all cleared out of my nose, apart from a few - will the last few clear out? or has all the purging finished now, ive only been on it for a month. the pores i was talking about are more on my cheeks, like the inside, nowhere near my nose though, is what you said about your nose
  3. since starting accutane ive noticed a patch of like "open pores" each side of my nose, on the inside of my cheek. i dont know if its pitting/scarring or lots of open pores its hard to tell, as i said they only appeared the last few weeks. has anyone else experienced this? there quite noticable too, they look black from far away is it open pores? and can accutane cause this on cheeks aswell, ive already been through the purging process when i had a bad IB. can you get "multiple purges"? any
  4. congratulations! i cant imagine how happy you feel, hopefully ill understand once my course is over
  5. ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its gone so quick, i remember on day 1 i was thinking - "i cant wait to finish my first month" and here i am face - not many changes, 1 new active on my right cheek, i think thats from using vaseline - yes vaseline lol, i read that its actually effective on calming skin somewhere on these forums. my face is still like a tomato, except my eyes are really pale so i look like a complete idiot. i hope it fades, its nearly as bad as having acne.. ill keep upd
  6. hi guys, just looking for some advice. ive been on accutane 60mg a day for nearly a month now. i had a massive breakout a few weeks in and its all cleared up now. my face is really dry aswell as my lips. anyway my question is - a few days ago my face was almost perfect, i have no actives and usually have a really red face but the redness has almost totally gone.. then the next day i wake up and my face looks horrible, theres no actives and it actually feels smooth, it just looks so red and ho
  7. hey kel i know, im sorry i said i wouldnt disappear again haha ive been staying at a friends due to family problems..which is shit, like all this accutane business isnt enough. how are you doing? i hope your feeling ok, and how is your face? keep going and keep smiling! liam xx
  8. DAY 27!!! ok the last 2 weeks since i havnt been on have been kinda normal. i can say though that my nose has been full of clogged pores for years, like black dots ALL over, you couldnt feel them though only see them, anyway accutane has pushed them all out except 1 or 2 and my nose is real smooth, its amazing. question - will it still get rid of the few leftover blackheads or has it finished with the "cleaning the nose" process? my skin though is looking bad, a few days ago it was so clear e
  9. new pictures - 5 days after the others. im only posting this early because i think im clearing up a bit, judge for yourself
  10. hey hey =) i think my interview went ok, i felt a bit uncomfortable because the old woman was like staring at me, i find it hard to look people in the eyes haha. it was an interview for a plumbing apprenticeship im doing in september hopefully and about your motherly instincts, yer i think there working, i seem to be clearing up very quick - so keep worrying! im using some weird moisturizer, its not a proper brand i dont think, its from the chemist and its "E45 dermotological moisturizing
  11. hi rashelle thanks for the comment, yer my face is real dry, i keep it dry when im around the house, it feels cleaner i guess. i only moisturize when i go out - which is not that often at the moment lol. good luck to you also!!! DAY 15 - over 2 weeks nothing much has changed, my face is less red (touches wood), my actives are all dry which is a good thing. i can wash my face in the shower now WITHOUT it bleeding so all in all things looking bett-ER, not perfect yet (crosses fingers) K
  12. heyy =) yep im back haha, well i had an interview for college on monday and then i stayed at my cousins so i wasnt able to post yer its good my face is not as sore, its so dry after i get out the shower and throughout the day. i hate saying that my face is better because it will probably get worse, so im gonna keep quiet but apart from that my muscles are really aching, lips are peeling, i keep getting headaches too anyway how are you? and your IB? take it easy, liam x
  13. hello you ye im a bit better thanks, my face doesnt hurt that much at the moment (touches wood). its also so dry, like REAL flaky. but overall things ARE better anyway how are you? is your IB any better? take care kel, liam x
  14. DAYS 11, 12, 13 & 14 - face has dried up alot more, the big spots have dried up and are slowly healing - i think. oh and them first 2 pics, my face is really no where near that bad when i look in mirrors to be honest, alot of it is redness which looks worse because i darkened the brightness on them. good luck all - L