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  1. A couple years ago, i decided to try subcission on the glabella lines and acne pitting scars. The results were poor and the doctor (Dr. Andre Berger, Rejvalife) suggested repeating the procedure, which we did. this time, substantial scaring beneath the forehead surface was left behind, and seems to be collecting more as time goes on. lines also reformed differently (more lines). At this point, the question in my mind is what can be done to remedy the scaring, if anything, and the new lines, per
  2. I believe my skin has suffered some hypopigmentation from Aramis and V Beam laser use. I am caucasian with a light complexion. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any other conditions related to hypopigmentation that could be the cause?
  3. Thanks for resituating the post. This issue is very serious to me and I am most interested in responses.
  4. I underwent 6 laser treatments (Aramis laser) for acne scars. The practitioners tried to persuade me it would be beneficial to treat the entire face and so they did. Over the next year while collagen was to be building as a result, I instead had another experience. 12 months after the treatments began, I had a peculiar pain under ALL of my facial skin, as if it were a sunburn on the inside. This pain continued for 6 months and then the collagen seemed to dissolve, as if the fat/collagen was sep