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  1. nice ! Very Good Imporovment i'm happy now ummm could u post a picture of the sudocream and Erythromycin 250mg tablets.. that would be a great help Thank You
  2. i am really happy right now . my back ance is going away really fast, one day i got about 8 huge red spots then they became white heads, omg they hurt liek sh** when i slept on them, but i got over it and kept going, and for once i didn't pop them, and no my entire back is getting better no new big spots or the little ones , also my scars are fading ever faster i don't wuts goin on but i like it ...thanks to everyone here my back is getting better thank you so much. oh and, Citizen Erased yeah
  3. LMAO nice ! guess wut ? i actually thought about doing this last week no joke. DEJA VU ! LOL glad to know it works now i will definetly do it after showers and stuff. so smart LOL
  4. trust me everyon eis sick of acne LOL be confident and it will get better or even go away.. stress has ALOT to do with it 2. like when stressed about having acne on my back it got worse but now i am like F*** it, it will get better it just got better i still do my Reg. so it will get better faster Good Luck -peace
  5. eh eh,, 4real don't worry about it will go away sooner or later.. where are your pimple anyways lol if t's where..u kno.. then just wet the toilet paper beore whiping.. no offence by saying that.. Good Luck yo. -Peace
  6. wuts good. your right trust me aspirin if u don't treat ur back harshly it will "cooperate" lol but 4 real thats wut i've been doing goin very smoothly over my back and not. hurting it.. but not 2 soft that no dirt comes off lol.. well i hope u guys get rid of ur acne i will be sure to pdate soon today,,, -peace
  7. thats good to here from you guys. just be confident about it and trust me you will get rid of it trust me smc0617. i hope everyone gets clear on this forum. so we can finally get goin with our lives u kno ? keep up the hope ppl. -peace
  8. Here is the New Update .. feedback please lol. i am starting to think that these are scars not acne . well here have a look. these are just better views of my back. Without Flash: http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/9466/ba...hdec1507qs3.jpg With Flash: http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/264/bac...hdec1507jb9.jpg
  9. seriously ? cool. maybe the same thing will happen to me i hope. cuz i just started getting acne on my back this summer or maybe1 month before or so. hopefully it gets better.. oh here is my update of my back. next post.
  10. don't say that yo. trust and u'll get where u want to get 2. uhave to actually have trust in urself. and confident to prove urself wrong. aight. ? cool cool i am gonna update again soon maybe in the afternoon or in 5 min lol peace
  11. Hey everyone ok so this is my first update. tell wut u think has my back improved gotten worse or. dude give up ur hopeless lol anyways i have 2 pictures one with flash. and one with out. Without-Flash http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/2743/ba...mber14thxw6.jpg With FLash http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/1199/ba...ashdec14pg8.jpg Tell me wut u think. Thanks
  12. aright cool cool. i'll post my back up tomorrow. hopefully it will be better peace.
  13. Thanks for the replys.. JustinC i know how to feal. trust. and i will try showering in the morning cuz it wakes me up anyways lol. and i'll keep the stuff on my back for about 5 - 10 min. looks like i am gonna have to wake up earlier lol I'll update my back 2-3 days or so and c how it goes. Thx peace 4 now.