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  9. The only cosmetics you really need is deodorant for example something like this https://www.secret.com/en-us i'm sure you don't need a foundation
  10. I realized recently that my girlfriend uses this cosmetics - https://www.secret.com/en-us I had to looking for it in market
  11. Where do you go to dentist? because I heard that in Poland there are really cheap dental services - for example here in gdańsk https://www.perfect-smile.pl/
  12. for me it's better using razor like https://www.gillette.co.in/en-in/shaving-tips it's make me less irritations
  13. If you need some good shaving tips you must check this site http://www.gillette.co.in/en-in/shaving-tips
  14. Sometimes when I read http://paperity.org/ where is a lot of great articles I find something interesting like your post, It is worth to read this page
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