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  1. Day 99 I know it's been a long time since I have posted. My face was clearing up great until I switched birth control to Yaz and now my face is pretty broke out. I am hoping my body adjust to the hormones and my face will clear back up. I go in the morning to get I think my third month blood work. Last time I was in there he told me my cholestorol was 230 which is not good. I hope it will go down with this diet I am on so I can continue on my path to clear skin! I wanted to post pics,
  2. Day 63 My lips are so dry today. I have to apply chap stick all the time. My face is pretty broken out right now, but I think it is just because it is close to TOM... at least it's not breaking out all the time now. Those compliments on my skin are still rolling in. A girl who suffers from acne really bad is now going on accutane because she sees the difference in my skin. Glad I can be of help to others who have acne. I am super tired, but it is probably because I am working two jobs and
  3. Don't worry girls, it goes by so fast we'll all be done with it sooner than we think. Day 59 Everything is going pretty good. I keep getting compliments on my skin from people that have known me for a long time and know the acne that I have suffered. I still have a lot of red marks from old pimples that left discoloration, but I am hoping when I am done with accutane the derm can help me get rid of those some how. I have a new developement which I think is eczema. I am sooooo itchy and dry
  4. KatyLady-- Thanks for the compliment on my skin, although everyday is something new. Some days are good and some are bad. No consistancy. As for hair loss, my mom is a hair stylist and she just visited with me and did my hair. She said it all looked about the same before I started Accutane except for one spot near my crown. She siad it was looking a little bare, almost like alopecia (sp?). I exfoliated because the skin all over my body felt just ruddy and gross. I felt great afterwards a
  5. Thanks AcneProne-- Emily-- Are we the same person or what? I am flaking too, but keep breaking out. When will this end. I thought my face was getting better for a while then out of nowhere, Bam! Ugh... What can we do, huh... Day 44 Same thing today: my skin is flaking, but horribly broken out. I'm tired and moody. Goodnight
  6. AcneProne-- Yeah I know it's really bad to sleep with makeup on and my face shows it in the morning! I am trying really hard not to do that anymore. I have put Aquaphor on my arms before and it does work, but about the same as lotion. I think Aquaphor is best for your lips for sure. It's amazing on your lips. Mylle- Thanks, Accutane can be scary, but once you start it there really is nothing to be scared of. A huge majority of people only get the common side effects of dryness and not the
  7. Doubling your dose will probably make your skin a lot dryer. I recommend Aquaphor for your lips. It's made Eucirin (sp?) and you can find it right by all that stuff. It's amazing. No lip balm can compare. I'm still figuring out which lotion I like best for skin. Good Luck!
  8. I think everyone here can relate to your story. People who don't have acne can't understand how emotionally hurting it can be. I am only a month and a half in and I haven't had that bad of side effects. Just the normal ones like dry everything! I'm only on 30mg though. I think you will be very happy with Accutane. Good luck and your eyes are beautiful!
  9. Daroy99-- Thanks! We have got to stop picking it's terrible for our faces. Day 42 Skin looks pretty bad today. I think it is because I have been falling asleep with my make up on. I am not going to do that anymore. My lips are pretty dry and I couldn't find my Aquaphor for like two days. I thought I was going to die. Yes, I am an addict of Aquaphor! My arms are so dry and I can't stop scratching them. I have several scabs on both arms from scratching so much. I have got to go to Wal
  10. It sounds like you are doing great! I wish you would put some pics up so I could see your progress. I wish I was close to the point of no make up. I can't imagine it. I haven't had problems with drinking while on this lately. At first it made me really sick, but now it's all right. Have you used any face masks or scrubs while on accutane?
  11. Day 39 Thanks rsa, I guess it's hard for me to tell because I see myself everyday. So, my face looks terrible today. It's really sore, but I did pick a little Skin is still really itchy, but as long as I keep lotion on it's manageable. Not much to report. I wasn't as tired today because I drank a Red Bull and I think it helped! I never drink them so I thought I would try them before I go back to my second interview with the company. A little research! Is anyone experiencing hair loss?
  12. Thank you both! Day 37 Sorry it's been a week since I have posted. I went for my monthly blood test and check-up with my derm. All I have to say is thank God for this board or I would know nothing about the medicine I am taking. Not that my derm is mean or anything, he just isn't much of a talker. I ask him questions and he answers with a yes or no. I feel like he doesn't have time for me. He didn't up my dosage either. I hoping to at least go up to 40 mg a day. My face is about the sam
  13. KatyLady-- Thanks, I thought my posts were a little boring and I was excited to see that someone actually posted on mine other than me! I am going to posts some pics on Sunday or Monday I promise. I want to try to have monthly updated pics. I have very fine hair and I already thought I was losing hair before accutane so I hope it doesn't make it worse. I don't think a lot of people experience hair loss. My blackheads are almost gone. I woke up one morning and realized that most of them wer
  14. Day 28 So I feel much better today! I think my skin is getting better. Don't wanna jinx myself though. I have a few actives, but the brunt of my complextion problems is due to old red spots from old acne. Anyone know a good way to fade these while on accutane or should I just wait until I'm done? I'm pretty close to going back for my one month check-up and blood test and I am excited to see what the derm has to say. I hope he bumps up my dosage so I don't have to worry about any of this co
  15. memememe-- thanks...I did go out and I am now feeling a little better. I know this all will pass. Day 27 My skin is really sensitive. My arms and face are the worst though. My arms are really dry and flaky looking. My face hurts really bad too. I can't tell if my skin is getting any better, but I'll keep waiting. Not much to say today.