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  1. Glad you found it helpful, I just looked up where Virginia was (I'm Australian, forgive me) and I remember there was this bloke in Florida who I've only heard good things about. Dr Steven Weiner: That said, Dr Rullan is supposed to be fantastic and certainly a good choice as well. On a side note, since costs sound like a concern for you, I would straight up say this on consultation (in a respectful way) and note to any Dr you travel far to see that you're a travelling patient
  2. I think almost any formation of acne scars deserves subcision early on in treatments, and yours I think would definitely fit the type its good for regardless. Its also what you want to get first, to break up any potential tethering and so forth which will facilitate future treatments. You should definitely wait a bit longer on filler. Fraxel certainly can work but there's just so many variables. I've been one of the lucky ones who found it very helpful, I had two sessions with subcisi
  3. If you have the option available, get subcision with CO2 fractional (as in, same day). Wait on the fillers you suggested in option 1. I've had a lot of standalone treatments but getting a thorough subcision and a strong CO2 (non-ablative) setting from Dr Lim gave me results better than I could have hoped for. I think multi-modal is definitely the key for scar treatment, because such treatments target different things and work in tandem. I had a lot of sub on its own and it was de
  4. Thanks, its good to get your perspective on the matter. I always felt my subcisions were too rushed, so I went to a more renowned Dr more recently and while the experience was way better (more thorough), I was still questioning whether it was enough. Similarly though he combined it with quite a powerful laser so perhaps he didn't want to go overboard, though from your most recent update it sounds like you've had much more all in the same session. Anyway thank you, this is something I'll rai
  5. This is a really interesting thread I've been casually following but just rereading it now, I'm surprised you thought 10-15 minutes of subcision is rushed. I'm curious now, have you heard others accounts of it being longer? The reason I ask is I'm interesting on what the standard usually is? I've had varying lengths of subcision based on the specialist but I wouldn't think any would have been that long, though maybe I don't have the best gauge of time when sedated etc. How long did Dr
  6. @Jason2121 Mate honestly you need help. Every thread I see you in you're criticizing a doctor you've never even seen. Do you really think this is the place to post things like 'its no wonder his wife left him' etc? You're an interesting character, but I don't understand how a doctor on the other side of the world to you is able to live in your head so rent free? That's all I'm going to say because I know you're suffering mental health issues, but I think its time someone called y
  7. I'm glad someone finally said it. That person is seriously mentally deranged and you can see he's posting on multiple accounts (as he's posted pics of himself on multiple e.g. pleasehelp321, tryinghard123 etc), and is the first person in almost every new thread filling it with negativity and doom or constantly trying to change the focus to his own threads/scars. This places needs moderation desperately, banning his extra accounts could be a start. Its frustrating me beyond belief every thr
  8. The general consensus here is that microneedling is generally the least effective treatment based on countless threads here. It is often what you get from beauticians, not acne scar specialists. If you are after suggestions here, you will need to post pictures of your scars. There are many different scar types and different treatments available based on the scar.
  9. Car windows are heavily tinted and are certainly not an accurate depiction of real visuals (in terms of colour, shadowing etc). Scars will always look worse with shading like this. Natural outdoor lighting where you're jogging is probably the most scar-friendly lighting and they wouldn't be overly visible. Nobody sees your scars the way you do in general. If you are with someone and you both walk by a window with a reflection - guess what they will be looking at - its not your scars, but
  10. A lot of the punch was on the temples - notably those atrophic types of scars that don't quite fit the category of rolling or boxcar that commonly appear on the temple. Also excised some deeper atrophic and boxcar scars on the cheeks. edit: will add they were mostly 1mm and a few 2mm excisions, if that is of any interest to you, which the nurse told me afterwards is quite small and that he does do deeper ones.
  11. Have been on/off this board for 4 years (since weirdly some people in this thread seem to question any positive review here as illegitimate from fake/marketing accounts), and finally got a chance to see him myself recently. Once enough time has passed, I'll be sure to share before/after pictures (might be in a separate thread though). Just a bit of context, in my city treatment options and specialists are quite limited I would say, but I did previously have 5 subcisions from 2 different doc
  12. Noticeable results after 3 sessions is a good thing, especially if noticeable without photos. Some people find almost no results from several treatments (though it could be they aren't taking regular pictures, or are dissatisfied with minimal results and exaggerating). If you are getting improvement, and money isn't a concern, I think ride with it for a while. I think the effectiveness of all treatments at large had always been greatly exaggerated, and in recent times people have very much
  13. Confidence is everything my man, you look good regardless (especially with the beard). Put your mental health first. I've been reading your comments and I find it heart breaking to see another man so broken over mere scars. Something I said to another bloke here recently was along the lines of if you're confident, or if you're charming, or if you're a good dude that people enjoy being around, nobody is going to care about your scars. A confident guy with scars ultimately appears even more c
  14. Firstly, just luck regarding the doctor I guess. He's not really a scar specialist, and doesn't offer that many treatment options, but I've told him I'm seeing results and he has been happy to continue with it. They were tethered, but less so each time. After 3-4 subs, there was very minimal popping. Subcision induces collagen formation via your body healing the wound. The damage is also intradermal, which imo makes it great both for downtime and the area you want targeted for atrophic scar
  15. Hey yeah I get you, it sounds worse than I assumed, I was just trying to offer some alternative thoughts to consider. Sounds like you might need to find a new doctor. I've heard many can be quite blasé like this. Mine is sort of like this, I kind of just rely on myself to track progress and to ask for what treatment I want, and I'm ok with it since its working for me. If you stick with the same doc, just ensure you are taking monthly photos of progress with similar lighting etc condit