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  1. I was wondering if you could wear makeup the day after you dermaroll? I usually wear tinted moisturizer and was wondering if it would somehow effect my skin due to the punctures?
  2. Keep in mind that everyone's water requirement aren't based solely on exercise and body weight. Body height, weight, fat and muscle mass, location, and diet all play important factors. The recommended 8-10 glasses a day simply does not apply to everyone.
  3. I wasn't arguing for a completely frugivorous diet, I was saying that our bodies can digest fruit. People who are breaking out from consuming fruits are more likely to have an allergy to a specific fruit rather than lacking the ability to digest fruit. Or they are eating fruit with other proteins, starches, or sugar which complicates digestion.
  4. And they are the only ape that eats meat other than insects and larva accidentally ingested with the plants. And chimp meat eating most likely evolved as a result of their harsher environment, not as a preference. I might add that the muscle mass and/or physical activity of apes most likely helps a great deal in keeping their blood sugar stable. Chimps actually fish for termites and other insects with twigs. Meat would actually be their preference food but it takes a lot of effort to
  5. "When chimpanzees get a chunk of meat (usually in the form of a dead chimpanzee), they say the heck with fruits and just eat meat until it's all gone. I can't really tell if chimpanzees get acne or not." Chimpanzees hunt colobus monkeys and other small animals and share/provision the meat. Ripe fruit trees/leaves are still the primary and most abundant source of food for chimps. A large proportion of their diet are leaves, fruit, tubers, and insects. Cannibalism occurs usually from infanticide.
  6. Absolutely. Once, I was vacationing in the tropics, ate one serving of some very delicious, region-specific fruit, and then I was told that it was a powerful laxative. That was a great day spent in the loo . Not watermelon, I imagine, right? No. It had "fur" on the peel. How many legs did it have.
  7. Simply not true. Most skin is sensitive because people use so many harsh chemicals on it, thus thinning it out. After stopping using products my skin is much less sensitive. All these acids and oxides ruin the skin and make it weak. The reason most men's skin is usually less sensitive than a woman's is because women use a lot of products on their face that make it more sensitive.
  8. Just to back track a little (I think I made my question a bit confusing), I was wondering if fruit sugars (since sugar is a culprit in alot of breakouts) breaks people out? So if I were going to drink a whole blenderful of greens, would it matter how much fruit I put in it? I just didn't get why the ratio was 60:40 since we could have alot more fruit and still consume the same amount of greens?
  9. In order for a retinol to be stable and not break down (lose potency), it can't be exposed to air or light. The packaging for this is horrible for a retinol since it exposes it to air every time you twist off the cap. At first, the retinol will still be potent, but as time goes on the remaining cream will be useless. IMO not a good product, and this isn't a product you'd want to use to replace your lotion with. Hope that hleps
  10. Well since everyone is ranting I think I'll rant too. I think some threads on here have been talking about how Dan is going commercial with the site/products. First off, I don't see why it's a problem to go commercial. Compared to the other large mass media companies out there that sell some CRAP products, his products are really good. I'd rather have Dan's products in the grocery stores, pharmacies, and everything compared to some of those scam companies that push useless items. Hes not sellin
  11. Hmm, I've been drinking green smoothies for over half a year now. I've always put more veges than fruits but then today I was wondering why?? I mean they always say 60:40 ratio, but isn't fruit good for your skin anyways? Why would it matter if we put more fruit as long as we consume the same amount of greens? Does fruit sugar break people out? I thought berries (blueberries, raspberries, etc) were anti-inflammatory?? I generally use 7 cups of chopped kale, one or two bananas, and a mixture of
  12. Recently I went back on green cream after a 3 month break since I started breaking out after quitting it. I knew my skin could handle it so I just used it everynight after I went back on it. I think I had a only had one day (it's been 3 weeks now) that I was actually peeling/really red during the first week. In my opinion it was worth it since that one day probably gave my skin a one week head start. I just skipping BP/GC the next day and moisturized and I was fine the next day.
  13. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=88740 Check that thread out, it's the PF thread. Also, check out the one about keratitis if it isn't that (look at the body acne main board and look around).
  14. (To add to the above) Or it could be the fats also, or a combo of everything. Ice cream definetly breaks me out. So does milk, but cheese for some reason doesn't?
  15. Hm, also keep in mind that your eating the right vegetables. Iceberg lettuce has very little nutritional value. What has helped me alot is green smoothies (theres a topic here about it). I've basically cut out all the veges from my diet except for green smoothies (a pitcher a day) and it probably gives me more than enough vitamins and minerals that I would normally get from veges that I would eat. Eating anymore veges makes me use the restroom too frequently, which probably means that I would g