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  1. Ive been using Dan's BP for like 6 years now. I Have tried quitting twice and i find i will stay fairly clear for around 8 weeks then it starts to get ugly. I Now only need one application per day. I have trouble finding time doing it twice do to my field of work.
  2. i cant wait for the day my back looks that good
  3. something with 2.5% sounds safe.
  4. ive ordered over 6 times many times over $35 never got a custom charge i do the cheapest shipping and it never takes over a week
  5. that is normal, you could use a little bit less bp it might help abit, once your skin gets used to it the redness and peeling will go away
  6. your skin will be extremly dry so BP is a no no. you will not need it anyways after awhile becuase the tane should clear you
  7. i tried acv like that probally 6 months ago. noticed huge improvement for 2 weeks, then had probally the worst breakout of my life so i stopped. i woke up one morning having like 20 new white heads
  8. minimum 20 mins. my routine. wake up use cleanser then shower. get dressed, by this time my face is dry. apply bp then go on my computer for like 10-15mins. Then apply moisturizer
  9. the regime kept me 100% clear for 4 months although it still works good for me i usually have 3-4 zits at a time =/. i have yet to try anything but 2.5%
  10. thanks brandy. for the last few months i was using way less BP then i should be
  11. mine is like the same , i hate it , i was also clear last summer fuck im going to show my gf newyears. im nervious but i no she doest care but i do
  12. im going through 100% the same thing you are. my gf knows why i dont like to take off my shirt, she knows im trying to clear it, and shes doesnt care for the new year im going to take it off and deal with it, but it will be terribly aquard
  13. i need to do something with my back its like 3x or more worse fuck i havent had sex with my gf without my shirt off , she knows why but im going to try to just deal with it she doesn't judge me
  14. im thinking about asking my parents to take me to the derm possibly. the regime keeps me decently clear, but im having terrible breakouts on my back. and i am so self concious of my back acne i have yet to have sex with my gf with my shirt off. ive been applying bp to my back 2 times a day. for the new year im just going to take it off and hopefully it starts to improve soon. it may even be severe enough to go on accutaine
  15. well from the 2 to about the 6th month i was 99% clear. and atm i got around 6 zits on my face. i usually have atleast 1 or 2 at a time it almost seems like im getting daily acne again what should i do? i use cetiphil cleanser , then dans BP, then Dans moisturizer 2 times a day every day. i guess i could try using more BP, i use quite abit but definitely a little less then when i started.