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  1. does any other clinics apart from glow medical also offer it?
  2. Does anyone know any places that offer silicone injections preferably in the London area?
  3. Who performs tca cross in the uk apart from dr chu?
  4. Hey..what type of scars do i have and are they obvious or minimal?
  5. used it for 3 months and it hasnt faded a single bit
  6. What type of scars does it have in the 2nd picture? It dosent look too bad to be honest
  7. http://images.hispanicprwire.com/5464_1.jpg Many users have said that ricky martin has a fair share of acne scars. In this picture it dosent look too bad but i think i can see quite a few ice pick scars on his cheek. Am i right?
  8. if the scars are minimal then im not too concerned.....however im annoyed by so many red marks
  9. are these better to tell now???
  10. here are 2 slightly more clearer pictures
  11. Im not sure what type of scars these are.....Can anyone help??
  12. is dr chu the only person who does it or is there any other clinics. also....how do you go private instead of nhs, do you have to be on bupa or sumthing or just arrange an appointment privately?