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  1. I just wanted to say I had the same problem as you when I began using Loestrin pills. Hormonal birth control most certainly can make this happen. The only form of birth control that is approved to help with acne is Ortho Tri-Cyclen pill. If you didn't have the problem before, maybe you could switch to a copper IUD? That's what I want to do when my baby's born - use something long lasting and without hormones. I really blame experimenting with different hormonal forms of bc, for my adult c
  2. Hi, I'm pretty sure my acne is hormonal. I think so because my birth control helped somewhat, and when I stopped taking it everything got so much worse. The worst areas are my shoulders and around my chin and jawline. I am pregnant now and my OB said benzoyl peroxide is okay. I used to use Neutrogena solutions, but they were out, so this time I bought Acne Free something (can't remember the exact name). I think it's basically like Proactiv- there is a bp cleanser with granules that exfoli
  3. I have pretty bad, painful acne that has been getting worse lately, but I am pregnant, so the dermatologist could not do much for me. She is prescribing me an erythromycin gel and a benzoly peroxide cream that I can get once I clear them with my baby-doctor. I am glad I can use something. Some of her other advice was a little weird. She wanted me to stop using moisturizing Dove soap and use Ivory or Dial. She said I could keep using Cetaphil, because it's oil-free but that it's not good that
  4. A guy is attractive if he has attractive features, if he has a nice face plus acne it just doesn't bother me, he is still good looking. Maybe it is because my dad had acne, that is probably where I get it from, but he was really handsome, looked a lot like Paul McCartney when he was young. A good personality always attracts, but not everyone is turned off by acne. I think in many countries it is more accepted than it is here. I don't know why it has such a stigma of uncleanliness and stuff re
  5. I'm 28, and anxiety in general has become a big problem from worrying about this all the time. It is weird though, that as self-conscious as I feel most of the time, I never feel that way with my husband. It's never affected our intimacy and I had acne when we met and it never bothered me. Actually I've never had a problem getting most of the guys I want, and even without acne I'm only okay looking. I just think it is weird it worries me so much socially and professionally but romantically
  6. BP is mainly a preventative, but it does help pimples you already have heal faster. I have pretty oily skin, so I didn't have a bad reaction, and I think it helped with redness. One thing though, with that on my face I couldn't stand to touch my face, so not touching might have helped with redness too. I have not noticed that the marks fade a lot faster. I've been using it for six weeks, and in that time I've had several marks that faded pretty much completely. Healing is definitely faste
  7. Hey, I started using this at the beginning of July. The results, for me, are really good.. hard to believe it works this well, actually. I don't use it according to package directions, I use it in the Dan's regimen way. So I use the night BP cream in the morning too, and I upped the amounts according to the instructions on this site. I have already run out of the BP cream, although I have some day moisturizer, and the cleanser will last a long time. So, I replaced the BP cream with Neutr
  8. Hi I have a couple of questions. First, what does BHA stand for? Second, you take the Aleve if you ovulating within a week. Does that mean you take Aleve for a week before your fertile time? That would be, basically, the week after your period stops, right? I also tend to break out during my cycle, but not during my period. It seems like it happens at the beginning of a pack of pills sometimes. I guess I have 3 questions, do you guys know for sure it's okay to take Aleve twice a day
  9. Thank you. I guess my only other question is - if my acne consists of only a few spots, but those are big, painful, and nodular, will the side effects of the medication be less intense or my dosage be lower? I weight about 110 lbs. and I am nervous of the side effects as well as having a breakout much worse than my normal breakouts, but I really want to clear this up. Or does it not make a difference whether or not you have multiple types of pimples, and the dose and side effects are basical
  10. Hello everybody! I have acne that just seems to be impossible to eradicate but I'm not sure if I will be able to get Accutane for it. I have tried antibiotics, prescription topical meds, dietary changes, and OTC treatments like niacinamide (supposed to be about as good as bp) and zinc supplements. Generally (and right now) I have clear skin on my forehead, nose, and cheeks, except for a few blackheads around the nose; no whiteheads, and usually 2-6 pimples, either on the chin, under the chi