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  1. why do we get whitheads is it due to bacterial infection or just oily skin ??
  2. st ives scrub is pretty good but since u have acne y dont u try a salisylic acid based scrub...neutrogenas got one...
  3. yeah i guess acne and diet are related for many ppl i hvae noticed that eating sugar flares up their acne...
  4. yeah i have been one it for the past two weeks this one being the third ...it does diminish acne upto some extent but it also has a side effect which many ppl experience ...u get kinda gastric problems while takin it....so ask ure derm t give u somethin for that ...i got histac 150 mg for the gastric probs that waz cozed due to azithromycin.
  5. i have been prescribed for on azithromycin .Derma said dat accutane was far too dangerous. azithromycin is not tht bad acne has reduced considerably. although u would have gastric problems while taking it .so do ask your derm to give somethin for that i have been prescribed histac 150 mg before takin food it keeps away the aches.
  6. im currently prescribed to azithromycin. ill tell you its dosage which has been given to me by my dermatoligist. he said to take two capsules daily 2 hours after meals or 1 hour before meal. you can also take 1 capsule in the afternoon and one in the evening as per abopve timings . this medication should be taken for 3 months in total but after 1 month of completing the medicine you should inform your doctor of its progress. hope this helps
  7. try not to look into the mirror except when necessary dat is when goin out applying medication etc, this will erase the thought of the acne from your mind also at the same time involve yourself in other activities ...so that you make usefull usage of time...
  8. i had a lot of stomach ache and gastric problems with a similar medicine azithromycin ...so i asked my derma and he told me to take this medicine " histac 150 mg" before you have your meals .. its good worked for me try it...but i do recommend caling ure derm b4 takin it..
  9. I too used to use bp but found that though it reduced the pimple bumps it caused red marks that dint go away easily. Skinoren i found is much better as it reduces the red marks and fights the pimples. i do not know of any perfect regimen for skinoren but yeah heres what i do ..i apply it at night before sleeping and once in the day ..besides that im using a mosturizer after bathing as skinoren really dries up the skin....be sure to use a water based mosturizer/cream