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  1. Hi guys, Been years since I've posted here! I recently bought a big batch of Dan's products, but has found that my skin doesn't react to it in the same way it did years ago, although they have worked for me in the past, I still find that I prefer the Oxy 2.5% BP cream (although it's very hard to find) and Clean and Clear Blackhead scrub. Had to pay a small fortune in shipping and got hit with the 20% import tax by the post office for it too! I have an unused 16oz bottle of Dan's BP, plu
  2. Hi, Did you go private or NHS in the end? I went on the NHS originally, but had to wait months for an appointment and am fed up this time, so looking to go private, which my work pays for- I just have to pay for the medication. I've heard people saying it costs about £200 for a course, which is much more pricey than the £7 on the NHS, but I'd rather pay than wait.
  3. It worked for me, again I dont have severe acne, but everything I've tried in the past hasn't worked and the GP finally referred me to a dermatologist who prescribed me 20mg a day for six months. Mindful of its harsh side effects, I only actually took the tablets every other day and it cleared me up completely within a few weeks and I was fortunate enough to have no side effects. I finished over a year ago and sadly my acne has come back, hoping to go back on it soon. Good luck dude.
  4. Yes it will work as I am Asian too, though I dont get the same results as some others on the regimen, it's still more effective then any other treatment I've tried, bar accutane, which cleared me completely. Give it a try, just requires discipline to follow the steps exactly.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. How long were you on Accutane for and was it on a relatively small dose? I think I will go back to the doctor's at the end of the month and asked to be referred, theres at least a 3 month waiting list in the UK, but I don't have private health care, so will begin the long wait. I've just broken out again, 4 suckers on the same day. Dan's regimen used to help, but after a while, became less effective and I'm also finding some difference in his new product over the old
  6. Hi, I've had mild to moderate acne since 1999, I'm 26 now and to say it has had a profound effect on my life would be an understatement. I think a lot of people can relate to me when I say my acne seems to come in weekly cycles. In one week I will hardly have any new eruptions, but on another week, I can have as much as 4 new spots appear simutaneously. When things are calm, my skin actually looks ok, though my nose seems permanently red and I have a number of deep scars (plus a keloid) scar
  7. Hi Persephone, No, I haven't taken Accutane before and never even contemplated it, but recently read somewhere that it had been used successfully in small doses by certain people. I will speak to my GP 1st before deciding anything, but am so fed up of having clear skin one week, then a whole load of big ass zits and cysts the next, after 5 yrs of this crap, it eventually saps away at the confidence and self esteem, as I'm sure you'll know. I'm coming up to my mid 20s now and I really hoped it
  8. Hi All, I was wondering about ppl taking small doses of Accutane, what is the result and how long did your doctor or derm put you on it? The reason I ask is that I have had minor but persistent acne since 1999, it never used to bother me, but since graduating three years ago, it has made me very self conscious and miserable. I've been on Minocyclin on and off for the last few years and don't really think it works for me. I have also tried Erythromycin (sp?) with little effect and now, coupled
  9. I had a bad breakout shortly after graduation few years back, really f*cked me up, coupled with the fact I was getting stressed looking for a job, things went from bad to worse. I was so depressed between July and February the following year. Then my mum took me to her Chinese herbal medicine doctor in London, the doctor took my pulse and checked my tongue and noted that my inner 'fire' was too high and gave me a course of herbal medcine to take for a week. The results were almost immediate. I c