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  1. hey! soo I know i posted the question .... but I am DONE accutane now... and i found that using the "white tub" blistex worked the best! another thing that REALLLLLLLLLLY helped... was using a lip exfoliator made by "benefit" (bought at sephora).. i used it every 2 nights at first .. then eventually only once a week. it helped a lot!!!!! it's called "kiss me" ( i think?) .. and it's in a little pink lipgloss tube with a black lid. i found vaseline and caramex only dried me out more !
  2. Hey! Just thought I would share my accutane story... I started on 40m a day for about 2months, then went up to 60 for 5 months. the BIG problem i had was with my Kidneys!!!... my lower back started to KILL me. it was horrible. at first i thought it was from work (I am a personal trainer), but then my blood tests revealed that it was in fact my kidneys. Now that i have been off of it for a couple months, my blood and urine tests are getting a lot better. another big problem was the fact that
  3. Well thats your choice whether you want to trade your healthy skin in the future for temporary tanned skin whch hides the scars
  4. Hey! A couple months ago I finished about 7 months of accutane (60mg for most of the time)... I am supposed to be going to Brazil for over a month, and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was a good or a bad idea to go in the tanning beds??? Accutane cleared up MOST of my acne on my back and chest.. but now i just have scars. I want to cover my scars for the trip...and I also thought that it would be a good idea to "prepare" my skin for the sun. ANy ideas?!?!? HELP!
  5. i've been experiencing this as well.. im going onto my 6th month of accutane and i just recently got this. anyone know anything? please let me know as well! thankss!
  6. thanks a bunch! can you get the a&d ointment at any drugstore?
  7. Ladies... Is anyone else experiencing vaginal dryness/itchiness/redness "down there". or is that not normal? If so .. what can i do to make it go away!??!?!? please help!!! thanksss
  8. Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a good lip balm or moisturizer? I have been on accutane for just over 2 weeks now, and my lips are drying out like CRAZY! I use Burt's Bees lip balm with Honey, vaseline, and Blistex with SPF30 (when i go into the sun). They all work okay... but no amazing results. HELP!!!
  9. Thanks for your reply. It was very helpfull! It's nice to know that others take the time to help eachother out on this message board any other ideas/suggestions.. please let me know. have a good night!
  10. hello! i have a few questions about accutane... I have severe acne on my back, and some on my chest and arms. I've heard a lot about accutane clearing up facial acne.. but not much about body acne. Does accutane help to improve this as well ? Also, will it make my back and chest dry out/ get flaky like what people say what happens to their faces? I'd just like to add, i was VERY hesitant on trying accutane, until i found this website and i saw how many people suggested it. After reading a b