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  1. My face has never looked better.

    This is the ONLY face wash I have ever used that gave me actual results. I have extremely oily skin with lots of blackheads, red bumps, and hyper pigmentation. After using this wash twice a day (ONLY the wash, nothing else from the tea tree line) for a week, my skin transformed. It foams up just enough to cleanse nicely without stripping any important oils from the skin. The red bumps I've had on my chin for years have faded and the blackheads on my nose are almost gone. The hyper pigmentation o
  2. Only product that actually helps with redness

    Been using this for about two years. I tried switching to the tea tree water, but it didn't work as well as this did. Such a wonderful toner and the spray bottle dispenses the product beautifully. I use this twice a day after washing my face and it helps clear up the little red bumps on my chin and forehead. Redness is immediately calmed down upon spraying onto my face and it keeps my skin feeling smooth all day. This also helps with controlling my excess sebum for a few hours. I personally love
  3. I'd rather have acne than go without masturbating. If masturbating actually triggers acne, just get an oral medication to help counteract it. No one should be deprived of sexual pleasure and its benefits because they're worried about getting a zit from it.
  4. First blog post! My skin is oily as usual today, but the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% has helped control oilness around my cheeks and nose. Small whitehead on my chin, but should be gone after a spot treatment. I recently got my wisdom teeth removed, so my face is a bit swelled and there is some post extraction yellow bruising around my mouth. Overall could be worse
  5. Didn't do anything for my overall complexion

    Was really excited to try this, I love Freeman masks and usually they give me great results. Using this two times a week for a month cleared most of my blackheads, but did pretty much nothing beneficial to my acne, acne scars, or complexion. It's very thick and hard to apply with a brush (personally), so I had to use my fingers, which I try to avoid doing. It smells like chemicals and the color is very artificial. It's a nice mask to wear and just relax for 10 minutes, but I wouldn't expect a mi
  6. Best oily skin cleanser I've ever used

    Been using this for about a month and it's great! I have super oily/combination acne prone skin and this works beautifully to gently remove surface gunk and oil without drying my face out. Most "foaming" washes make the skin around my mouth and nose very flaky after I rinse but this leaves me skin feeling pretty normal. This foams up just enough to give a good cleanse without stripping but you have to really work it in your hands to get any foaming action. The smell reminds me of a topical acne
  7. Refreshing but not magic

    It was on sale at Walmart so I went for it. The jar is pretty small for the price, and it smells great to me. But don't fall for the fancy packaging and wording they use, this is nothing special. It feels great and it does moisturize your skin, but there's no real difference in my skin and I've been using this daily for a month. I'll use the rest of the jar but I won't be repurchasing.
  8. Not really understanding the bad reviews

    Love this stuff! Was an impulse buy at Walmart. Heard lots of good stuff about this so I just gave it a go. Two drops is enough for the entire face and it absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feel. Put some on before bed and woke up to my redness soothed and some big red zits smaller, no clogged pores either. Been using it for about 3 days and I love it! Really helping my redness. The only thing I don't like about this is the smell and packaging. Wish it came with a dropper rather than the t
  9. Love love love!

    Recently I started squeezing the juice of one lemon into my bottle of water everyday. I didn't do this for my acne, and I was surprised when it started clearing up. Size of my zits were smaller, redness was less intense, and my skin felt super smooth! I had no idea this could help acne heal, so I'm not stopping! Lemon water also tastes really good and it's really thirst quenching. Definitely try.
  10. Clears redness, very drying.

    I like to take two un-coated aspirins and let them sit in some water until I can mix it into a paste. I apply that to problem areas and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes then gently rinse off with lukewarm water. Redness is instantly reduced, but skin is severely dry. Applying an oil based moisturizer is a must after this. I use Nivea Soft with one drop of 100% tea tree oil. Works great!
  11. Great moisture, clogged pores

    I used this for a few days because it was at my Mums house and it was my only option. I was surprised when my skin felt supple and smooth after it absorbed, but whew! Does it ever clog my pores! I woke up the next day looking like I had freckles or something. :(
  12. Was so good for the first few days!

    I love how this stuff feels, and it does control oil for me. The only downside is it makes me break out. I got lots of whiteheads after using this for a while and I was so disappointed. I love Cetaphil products but this was a big let down.
  13. Ehhh, not my thing.

    Coverage isn't the best and I didn't see any improvements after months of use. It goes on smooth and it's good if you want quick coverage, but I wouldn't use this all the time. There's better stuff out there.
  14. Great benefits if you're willing to have clogged pores

    This stuff is full of antifungal and antibacterial fatty acids that help kill acne bacteria. But because it's such a heavy oil, it clogs pores and makes your skin oily very quickly, which will eventually lead to more acne and lots of blackheads. It's okay as a short term and occasional treatment, but I highly recommend not using this every day. I've seen people putting this all over their face, that's a big NO! This is OIL, oil clogs pores and you can't avoid that. Add a little to your daily moi
  15. I always come back to this!

    I was really skeptical about using a moisturizer with jojoba oil in it, as I already have extremely oily skin. But it was the best thing I ever put on my face! My skin drinks this stuff right up, and the vitamin E in it heals my acne. It's heaven in a container and nothing else is quite like it. It also smells amazing, not too powerful. I add a drop of 100% tea tree oil to about a pea size amount and apply it. Amazing results and moisture.