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  1. I almost forgot, since we would be donating our income to "charity," this means that the money would be tax free. So if 1000 of us had a minimum wage job for 1 year, we would raise about 15 million right off the bat. 15 million might not be enough to find a solution for a complex problem such as scars, but at least it's worth a try. And I'm pretty sure the hope of finding a solution to our scars could drive us to overcome the arduousness of the minimum wage job.
  2. I just did some calculations. Let's say that 5 people, each had a minimum wage job and worked for 20 years, then just 5 people would make $1 million already. Let's say that those 5 people bought and lived in a $200000 house, then that would leave $800000 for research. Let's say that those people are really diligent and want to work for 40 years(yeah right), that would leave 1.6 million, and that's just from 5 people. If you have just 1000 people doing this, then we can raise as much as $320 mill
  3. I also have another idea. Now the biggest thing I'd need the money for is to buy a house, so any money that I don't have to spend toward that house can be spent on the research, so if I can find someone to split the money toward that house, "I think" that I can afford to donate up to $100000. Now this would bind me to the person that I'm going to share the house with. Well, if it's a girl, then I'd have no problems at all. If she's good looking, I might even marry her! It sounds pretty crazy,
  4. I like this idea. Honestly, I'd donate up to $50000 if I know this is going to work. But that's obviously the problem. How do I know if this is going to work?
  5. Er, what? Where the bloody hell did that one come from?
  6. Firstly, I can say whatever I fucking want. As can you or anyone else for that matter. Secondly, I didn't say that "religion, demons, and angels are pretty much nonexistant". I said they ARE nonexistant. Think about it. Was the earth created by some chemical and scientific reaction that happened billions of years ago or was the earth created by a big man called god who lived in the clouds and created the world in 7 days or whatever. 'God' also had a son called Jesus who died and then magica
  7. That game really is scary. It can predict when people will die and it is 100% accurate
  8. That game really is scary. It can predict when people will die and it is 100% accurate
  9. Finally, an interesting story about how they are about to uncover Noah's Ark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2MNCkyg0ik I'm sure you've also heard about the 9/11 conspiracy and possibly the Illuminati. I don't know what to believe anymore. The world is truly going crazy!!!
  10. Here's another interesting link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erD64ZACE18...ted&search= Let's assume all this is true, then that means there must be a God, which means there is a heaven. This would basicallly revolutionize all of my "beliefs."
  11. http://www.youtube.com/comment_servlet?all...ted%26search%3D Warning: You might want to read the comments before watching it(I've decided not to watch it.)