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  1. Here's what I came up with. For the most part its basic comound exercises. Easy, just go in and pick a couple for each muscle group, write them down, take it to the gym. Enjoy. exercises.doc exercises.doc
  2. Wow, haven't been here a while. Might be one of my last times back too. Here's a link to my old thread >> Got most of the answers I needed from that, now all I need is an actual program. I'm totally a newbie in the gym and when someone tells me I should do a seated dumbell row I have no idea what the f*** that means. My plan for the time being is to do a 2-days-a-week split of - chest, triceps, shoulders, back, biceps // legs, traps, calves, abs. (Probably turned into 2x full body worko
  3. What are my thoughts? Using a manual razor will break you out, will aggravate current acne, and will pretty much restrict you from ever getting clear. Some guys can get by, but most don't. A manual razor is just to severe - blade directly on skin. Electric razor on the other hand has a protection barrier if you will (at least foil razors). Your skin will take some adjusting in the first few weeks but its worth it.
  4. I'm sorry but that is the dumbest statement ever. Creatine is found in meats and is 100% natural. Most of the initial mass will be water but long-term a person using creatine will absolutely own you in both lifts and muscle mass. That powdered protein is about as dangerous as creatine usage so stop using that as well. :naughty: LMAO. I am not going to do the google-ing for you, but you are very wrong. Creatine is so hard on the kidneys and liver. The amount of creatine in the meats you
  5. Precisely what are they trying to get ppl to do? Take up an extremely unhealthy diet for the sake it? WTF man??
  6. Having just read paul chek: how to eat, move & be healthy, 1 chapter is dedicated entirely to stress. Whilst not the broad category of emotion, after reading it you get a pretty good understanding of how if your stressed even a little most days that it can completely fuck up how your body functions.
  7. You say it like its a bad things rakbs. I'd sit in a sugar-bath if I knew it'd draw parasites out. Do I think it would... maybe if you sit in there a loooong time. But I have my doubts
  8. Accutane comes from vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin. You just need to eat fat to make sure it works as well as it can, doesn't matter where the fat comes from. Could be from meat, fish, peanut butter, nuts, oils, whatever. Although such a low saturated fat % is probably not good, I would try to eat some meats or maybe check out coconut oil like rakbs was talking about. Having too much protein is not good, it stresses your kidneys. Ok if you can stand the nasty taste.. Wil
  9. What you need to know about supplements: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=tXQwb44YDcE Stop taking supplements firstly. Secondly, eat paleo. Meat, veggies, fish, fruit. That'll be hard at first so allow yourself some gluten-free things like G-free bread, rice cakes, corn cakes/crackers, buckwheat products. Definitely cut out gluten, and try eliminate dairy. Maybe butter and cream wll be ok, many ppl consume both as sources of fat, myself included. This should help drastically. Consider reading t
  10. Might pay to consult a holistic health practitioner and get a lengthy consultation. Just be aware if they start telling you to take this and drink that it won't solve nothing. But otherwise, are you eating for your metabolic type? For instance, I don't see any dark and fatty meats there, but do you wish you did eat them? Would you like to be consuming butter and cream but don't? Theres alot more to eating what your body craves than ppl think, as long as its real food. Try a teaspoon of salt a
  11. Tell me where in a whole foods diet excessive salt gets in?
  12. Still getting good results: -retain water well -accelerated red mark fading -less general lethargy/fatigue -better face oil texture Lili, what are ur thoughts on increasing salt dosage? By metabolic typing I'm a protein type and do actually get cravings for salt/salty foods. I'm thinking of going to 1.5tsp/day. Thoughts?