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  1. Many people try to get rid of candida and parasites by taking anti-fungal and anti-parasite herbs and what not. However the best way to get rid of these three things is to... 1) Stop all prescription drugs 2) Probotics 3) Boost your immune sytem / liver Boosting your immune system and fixing your liver is the most crucial part. If you immune system and liver were working the way they were suppose to and were at full capacity, candida and parasites would have no chance in your body. As soon a
  2. How do you go about finding a naturopath? Do a google search and locate one in your area, there should be a couple. Before you make an appointment, call the doctor or email them and tell them your goals and see if they have success treating acne.
  3. The tests she ran with my blood were not the standard ones. The results listed everything about my body that you would want to know! Everything from amount of liver enzymes, to vitamin A to calcium to hormones to cholesterol. Another reason to prove that the food industry / medical industry in America is all about the $: the calcium result from my blood tests showed that I have an amazing calcium reading, and I haven't had milk or any dairy products in over a year. Shhh dont tell the dairy peo
  4. NdnRomeo....Danny is correct. My liver / GI (digestion) tract was the cause. I went to the naturopath first and then did the liver flushes. DejaClaireVoyant...I am a big advocat of liver flushing, however that did not cure me completely, it did greatly help. It prolly would have if I had done more. I plan on doing maintenance ones in the future. Also... People always list foods that break them out and what not, however that is not the case for every person. my naturopath gave me a list of foo
  5. People have acne for a variety of different reasons...Whether it be caused by food allergies, poor liver function, candida, etc. But how do you know what is causing YOUR acne? Here's what I did: I googled naturopaths...these are the doctors that are curing diseases everyday by not using presciption medication. I wrote emails to many and asked if they could do anything for my acne, seasonal allergies, and constant fatigue. To make a long story short I made an appointment and they took a compr
  6. You are def not alone.... My advice: go to your local naturopath...they are able to run certain tests and will be able to find out what is exactly causing your acne (because everyone is different) and then they will make a plan for you to be clear! Trust me...it's possible
  7. Actually Cyph, to fast means for a period of time...not for your whole life. Way to make a pointless comment in a thread trying to help people.
  8. It is a proven fact that people who fast live longer. Digestion takes up so much energy. Look to nature for all your problems. I have a cat...when she is sick she does not eat for days...same with any pet....fasting gives your body a boost...energy wasted on digestion can now be used to fight off infection, etc. It's common sense...dont be scared LIVERFLUSH! If your doing it right...you should not be hungry. You have to rest the day of the flush. Sleep/relax...you will not be hungry because
  9. I posted links to sites that greatly helped me to cure my acne...its a shame they erased them because it violates the website If you want the links...PM me All the websites are not selling anything...strictly information....its a shame I cant post them
  10. Exactly...a lot of people/companies bash liver flushing because you can't patent it What do you think people like me are gaining from telling you to liver flush? The ingredients you need are olive oil, grapefruit/lemon, and some apple juice. The quanity you need of those 3 items is basically nothing. Total ingredients is about $2.00? My point being: It's a cheap, effective way to cure your acne. No wonder why so many people bash it, no one is making $$$$ off of it. Welcome to America P.S. W
  11. going to do a liver flush this weekend....I hope some will join me...many wont be ready for it yet
  12. pick up the book THE AMAZING LIVER AND GALLBLADDER FLUSH by ANDREAS MORITZ Read it from cover to cover, and follow his instructions step by step and you will be on your way Yah Chinese Bitters...they are excellent at decongesting and cleansing the liver
  13. dont worry...there is a link between acne and allergies...you are def not alone the problem for you is the liver....your liver is not producing enough bile...therefore you are breaking out and havin allergies....what you need is a couple of liver flushes....trust me on this......before you know it...you will be clear and have zero allergies...trust me